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Synonyms for extramundane

of, coming from, or relating to forces or beings that exist outside the natural world

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The Mass is an extramundane and extratemporal act in which Christ is sacrificed and then resurrected in the transformed substances; and this rite of his sacrificial death is not a repetition of the historical event but the original, unique, and eternal act.
the extramundane perspective of a God's-eye view constitutes a perspective radically different from the lines of sight belonging to inner worldly participants and observers.
To his credit, Habermas has increasingly sought to distance himself from these idealised connotations, acknowledging that 'the extramundane perspective of a God's-eye view' constitutes a perspective that 'is radically different from the lines of sight belonging to innerworldly participants and observers'.
But reduced to ultimate principles, his origin is twofold: mundane and extramundane.
Apart from leading to impoverished views of the self, contemporary models of explaining subjectivity suffer essentially from two drawbacks: They tend toward either solipsistic or dualistic accounts of selfhood, resulting in a solitary, extramundane ego responsible for the constitution of the entire world, including other subjects (as with Husserl) or in a self pitted against another self with whom no fundamental reconciliation seems to be possible (only submission, as with Levinas, for instance, or antagonism, as with Sartre whose theory of self-consciousness is, however, not being mentioned by O'Donohue).
Automatism is not only an obstacle to individual freedom; it is also a specific organizational form of the human species that, paradoxically, liberates action from the constraints imposed by the pains and dangers inherent in earlier forms of life by mutating action into an extramundane repetitive process.