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the exterior curve of an arch

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10a at three different stages ([t.sub.3] to [t.sub.5]), the parison deviates from its trajectory only after hitting the lower part of the mold (extrados mold surface, Fig.
Two different lines of centers must be introduced to define the intrados and extrados dam faces, in order to achieve varying thickness.
For hardness measurement nine indents were made in transverse orientation in the extrados, intrados and neutral axis location.
However, the area of high temperature zone in the intrados is smaller than that in the extrados. The higher the inlet temperature, the larger the high temperature zone.
The pressure threshold of abdominal elevation and extrados of rats was recorded through pumping air into anus.
The second unpleasant situation occurs in summer months when the vault extrados is exposed to intensive warming from the roof truss area.
Airflow is faster on the upper surface (extrados) than underneath the lower surface (intrados) (Fig 1) and is deflected upward before the leading edge and downward after the trailing edge.
Extrados field tile from Elevations collection on firepit from Oceanside Glasstile (glasstile.com).