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Synonyms for extractible

capable of being extracted


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According to the company, the new version of DF30Plus that incorporates a neck gasket manufactured with COCe offers several key benefits: step change improvement as a barrier to leakage, ultra low extractible level, compatibility across a wider range of drug formulations, including ethanol-containing formulations, suitable for all pMDI filling technologies, accurate and consistent performance.
(a) Thirty-minute oxidation of 1 mM [[sup.14]C]-benzylamine by homogenates generated amounts of radiolabelled benzaldehyde that were separated by extraction as described in Materials and Methods and set at 100% signal (control), while 0% corresponded to the extractible radioactivity at t0.
"Extrusion offers synthetic materials with low extractible content.
Expectations are comparatively greater due to the availability of extractible natural resources.
Bobbie, "Determination of the sedimentary microbial biomass by extractible lipid phosphate," Oecologia, vol.