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This group more often included hemodynamic stenosis leading to the occlusion of extracranial carotid brachiocephalic trunk.
A giant enhanced intra- and extracranial lesion extended from the frontal recess and posterior table of the frontal sinus to the tuberculum sellae with no surrounding edema was seen on MR images [Figure 1]a,[Figure 1]b,[Figure 1]c.
Prevalence of extracranial venous narrowing on catheter venography in people with multiple sclerosis, their siblings, and unrelated healthy controls: a blinded, case-control study," The Lancet, vol.
ESC guidelines on the diagnosis and treatment of peripheral artery diseases: Document covering atherosclerotic disease of extracranial carotid and vertebral, mesenteric, renal, upper and lower extremity arteries: The Task Force on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Peripheral Artery Diseases of the European Society of Cardiology (ESC).
In a study that included 16 patients with VAD, intracranial dissection had a poorer prognosis than extracranial dissection.
Extracranial Head and Neck Schwannomas: A Clinical Analysis of 33 Patients.
New guidelines for managing extracranial carotid and vertebral artery disease recommend against routine screening for obstruction, and advocate ultrasound examination only in patients who are symptomatic or have at least risk two factors for stroke.
The most common extracranial complications of ventriculoperitoneal shunt are tube disconnection, blockage of the shunt tip, infection, bowel obstruction and perforation.
The only solution [13-15] of non-invasive absolute ICP meter's calibration problem is to apply for aICP measurement the direct comparison of aICP and absolute extracranial pressure aPe by the natural physiological "scales", preliminary balanced by human anatomy (Fig.
Extracranial cerebrovascular disease has reasonably well-defined indications for intervention but the various clinical presentations are often not well understood and the current focus is on carotid stenting.
Up grades and modules that allow the treatment of extracranial lesions also will boost product sales.
Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) is a method of focal brain simulation based on the principle of electromagnetic induction, whereby a powerful, rapidly changing extracranial magnetic field generates small intracranial currents, Dr.
This text, which covers neurosurgery, interventional neuroradiology and endovascular surgery addresses trends in neurovascular medicine and their implications and clinical controversies, including unruptured aneurysms, anterior circulation aneurysms, posterior circulation aneurysms, arteriovenous malformations, arteriovenous fistulas, extracranial therosclerotic disease, intracranial atherosclerotic disease and cavernous malformations, and the practice of neurovascular medicine, including practice structures, regionalization of neurovascular care, data collection and residency and fellowship training objectives.
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