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in American football a point awarded for a successful place kick following a touchdown

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He kicks it out of the end zone just about every time, and his extra points are automatic.
The extra point gives Blaze some extra breathing space in the play-off chase, but Devils badly need a good run of results as they strive to maintain their remarkable record of never missing an Elite League play-off finals weekend.
Also like the ATS, the SRX received an extra point for a forward collision warning system, and the vehicle's rating drops to "basic" when it is equipped only with Forward Collision Alert.
Jon Wyse added the extra point to hand Bristol a 7-6 lead with half time looming.
The Arsenal boss would like to see sides earn extra points if they win games by big margins, encouraging them to go for goals.
The Panthers still could not find the net in the shoot-out and after Blaze missed their first one Huppe converted the second to secure the extra point.
But Rob Bironas of the Titans had the busiest day any kicker ever has against the Texans, scoring a league-record 26 points as he converted eight field goals (from 52, 25, 21, 30, 28, 43, 29 and the game-winner from 29 yards as time expired) and added two extra points for good measure.
That would stop teams going for goalless draws and create more attacking games and more goals scored with the thought of extra points.
Give yourself an extra point if you return paper cartons to local farmers for reuse.
Hughes connected with Hartman for a 42-yard touchdown pass and then converted the extra point to tie the game at 14.
The Claymores, under new head coach Gene Dahlquist got off to a great start when Linebacker London Dunlap pulled down Andrew Bayes inside the Galaxy redzone, with Quarterback Clint Stoerner completing his first pass of the day to Dante Hall for an opening score with Englishman Rob Hart converting the extra point.
Lewis kicked the extra point, giving the Blue Devils a 14-3 lead, which they maintained at the break.
The extra point was missed and the Warriors returned the kick-off to their own 40-yard line.
The game started badly for Gateshead as Merseyside scored on their first possession with a short yardage run, but missed the extra point to take the lead to 6-0.
In addition, this comprehensive guide presents detailed technique instruction for kickers, punters, long snappers, field goal and extra point kickers and holders, kickoff and punt returners, and other specialized positions related to the kicking game.