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Synonyms for extortion

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an exorbitant charge

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unjust exaction (as by the misuse of authority)

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the felonious act of extorting money (as by threats of violence)

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You probably also read of one woman who eventually committed suicide after being hounded by charity money extortioners.
THE terrified mum of an Altcourse prisoner says she was targeted by extortioners who forced her to pay more than PS1,700 to secure her son's protection.
Nor theiues nor couetous nor drunkards nor reuilers, nor extortioners shall inherit the kingdome of God.
It added that Lemanski had made slanderous accusations against Hoser, who headed the Pallottine order in Rwanda during the 1994 genocide, and depicted the Polish church as "a center for rapists, pedophiles, hypocrites, extortioners and drunkards.
The excise-mens lamentation: or, an impeachment in behalf of the Commons of this nation, against their insulting publicans, and cruell oppressors and extortioners, London: G.
The lawmaker recommended that the Government is reduced, strict oversight is maintained over implementation of the programs, and "all beasts and extortioners are shot mercilessly.
Belcour aligns himself with his audience as he describes his first experiences on English soil: "Accustomed to a land of slaves and out of patience with the whole tribe of custom-house extortioners, boatmen, tidewaiters, and water bailiffs that beset me on all sides worse than a swarm of mosquitos," he admits that he "brushed them aside" too roughly and that a "furious scuffle" ensued.
Hugh Latimer urged the young king's councilors to enforce these laws by authorizing informers to prosecute "rent-raisers, oppressors of the poor, extortioners, bribers, [and] usurers" (Davies 1956: 30).