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Synonyms for extort

Synonyms for extort

to obtain by coercion or intimidation

Synonyms for extort

obtain by coercion or intimidation

get or cause to become in a difficult or laborious manner


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We have zero tolerance for this type of activity and will work closely with authorities to prosecute any person who extorts money from employers wile posing as a state official.
After attempts were made to extort money from the production team working on Ocean's 12, police swooped on 23 suspected Mafia members.
Dickinson had said he attempted to extort money from the Ralphs supermarket chain to pay for his five-month- old son's college education.
In many districts, Murillo's people extort from home-owners and businesses in a door-to-door process known as "vaccination.
The 42-count indictment alleges that Robles used his influence as a city official to extort money and other benefits for himself and his family, friends and political action committee Citizens for Good Government.
We applaud the stiff sentences and hope it sends out a strong message to deter people who believe they can hide behind a computer screen and try to extort money.
Clifford (Chris Makepeace) is the new kid in school: smart, funny, and slight enough to make the perfect target for bullies like Moody (Matt Dillon), who slouch in the back row of class and extort lunch money from smaller prey.
They are suspected of attempting to extort cash from the McCanns by promising them information about their missing four-year-old daughter.
She told Maariv daily the negotiations were over: "I will not let them extort me.
Tehran Deputy Prosecutor Hassan Haddad announced Saturday, "Security agents have recently arrested a group of six reporters who used sports journalism as a tool to extort money from soccer players as well as sports clubs.
A paramedic has been charged in connection with a plot to extort $25 million from Hollywood star John Travolta after the death of the actor's son, a senior police official announced.
POLICE in the Bahamas have arrested three people, including the former tourism minister, in connection with a plot to extort money from actor John Travolta after the death of his son.
In fact, it is hard not to feel that the new system, which cuts the confusing range of prices to three, is just a wheeze to extort still more from already over-pressed travellers.
It is not reasonable to believe that Williams would attempt to extort money from Nate Holden in the presence of other people, including a sheriff's sergeant.
In issuing a press release which it knows to be false," Nordstrom added, "Palisades is attempting to pressure and extort Easyriders into settling the lawsuit under terms which are unacceptable.