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(114) Exteroception relates to the senses we most commonly associate with body knowing: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.
She devotes more space to the so-called perceptual approach that explains first-person reference in terms of the specific manner in which we ate self-aware, say, through quasi-perceptual introspection of some combination of exteroception and somatic proprioception.
Primo, coenesthesia, i.e., the togetherness of exteroception, interoception and proprioception, is of importance.
Usually both contactception and teleception is described with one term exteroception. However, in presented analyses it is necessary to make clear differentiation between contactception and teleception.
Turning from the experiential role to the actual nature of existential feeling, Chapter 3 offers a phenomenological account of touch by way of clarifying how something can be both a bodily feeling and an experience of something other than the body--the point being that existential feelings are structurally analogous to tactile feelings in terms of the indissociability of proprio-and exteroception.
As for the ontogenesis of mind, I suspect that it begins in the brain with the differentiation of proprioception from exteroception, inasmuch as proprioception comprises the sensory basis for a cognitive construct of self that is at the core of consciousness (Mazziotta, 2000).