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a nonresident doctor or medical student

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The plaintiffs, who were externs, argued that they didn't meet the Department of Labor's six-factor test for unpaid interns because their employers received economic benefits from the tasks they performed.
The court reasoned that because the externs received training and academic credit, the defendants "received little if any economic benefit from Plaintiffs' work." The court added that the plaintiffs met all six qualifications of the test.
Sheppard (law, Mercer U.) provides advice to prospective judicial clerks (and unpaid externs performing essentially the same tasks) on the basics of what they will be expected to know and do while working with the court.
PLANNING THE EXTERNSHIP After the selection process, the Leadership Team begins identifying and developing the activities in which the externs will participate.
ACTIVITIES The externs receive an individualized schedule that provides a flexible but structured overview of activities.
According to Policy 60-02, these students are considered by the Board to be unlicensed assistive personnel, and are to be identified by the title "nursing student extern" and wear a name badge with the title clearly visible.
A list of 285 educators was compiled from data supplied by the School-to-Work coordinators of the two consortiums identifying externs who had completed externships from 1995 to 1998.
The research team discussed the development of the data collection instrument A pilot questionnaire was finalized and mailed to externs who had completed an externship.
These externs were provided with an RN preceptor, but not the same person consistently.
Growing your own refers to extern and internship programs.
Nurse Externs must provide our facility with two satisfactory clinical recommendations from their school of nursing prior to their employment.
Our facility insures that the Nurse Externs DO NOT perform any procedures that require special certification, such as venipuncture or nasogastric intubation.
This study, therefore, has the following purposes: a) to obtain reflective feedback from nurse externs in order to gain an understanding of the nature of transformative learning during a summer externship program; and b) to add to the current literature on nurse externship programs as a way to enrich nursing practice, education, and future research.
The externs were paid by the host hospital organization for participating in the program, but they did not receive college credits.
The SIU Career Development Center is searching for sponsors for the 2020 Extern Program, a partnership with the SIU Alumni Association.