external oblique muscle

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a diagonally arranged abdominal muscle on either side of the torso

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If the latissimus dorsi was removed, we sutured the Prolene net together with the internal and external oblique muscles, and then closed the abdominal cavity.
At surgery, a transverse incision was made in the left lower quadrant through the aponeurosis of the external oblique muscle and the medial third of the rectus muscle.
Some of the more common presentations of musculoskeletal pelvic pain are hyperirritability in the rectus abdominus muscle, the overlying fascia, or the subcutaneous tissue of the lower abdomen overlying the external oblique muscle.
Washburn has a strained left external oblique muscle, just below the rib cage.
An undetached strip of the external oblique aponeurosis gives replacement to the absent aponeurotic element in the posterior wall and the additional muscle strength is given by the external oblique muscle to keep it physiologically active.
However, significantly higher activation in the left-side external oblique muscle was also observed when using the AB-I during the bilateral heel drops and split-leg scissor exercises (P < 0.
Despite the objections presented by some authors, [15,16] application of the external oblique muscle aponeurosis in the form of an undetached strip (which makes the posterior wall of the inguinal canal stronger) has been established as a new concept in tissue based hernia repair.
Skin was pierced with 23g quincke spinal needle between the latismus dorsi and external oblique muscle at right angle to the skin.
The external oblique muscle and the aponeurosis were extremely thin [Image-2] and the hernial sac was lying in between external and internal oblique muscles.
Saeterbakken and Fimland (11) observed lower strength in 6RM on US and similar EMG activity in the anterior deltoid, biceps brachii, and external oblique muscles.
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