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  • verb

Synonyms for extenuate

to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

to make physically thin or thinner


Synonyms for extenuate

lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of

References in classic literature ?
Maylie, nor Harry, nor Rose (who all came in together), could offer a word in extenuation.
Circumstances over which had no control,' was the miserable creature's plea in extenuation.
Arabella's tears flowed fast, as she pleaded in extenuation that she was young and inexperienced; that her attachment had alone induced her to take the step to which she had resorted; and that she had been deprived of the counsel and guidance of her parents almost from infancy.
Gummidge was overcome in a similar manner during the remainder of our stay (which happened some few times), he always said the same thing in extenuation of the circumstance, and always with the tenderest commiseration.
3) presents such other extenuations that it cannot reasonably be regarded as envisaged by the legislature in forbidding the offense.
com 60 soixante saxonite W2 61 soixante et un extenuations W3 62 soixante-deux index W3 expurgatorius 63 soixante-trois extrapositions W3 64 soixante-quatre penta- Penta/ oxyanthraquinones oxyanthraquinones are organic compounds which have been obtained from purpurin and anthrapurpurin.
None of these extenuations changes the fact that he has killed a subordinate and that with the decision of his captain to hold him responsible his career as an officer is over.
Premo EMC introduced its EMI FVDT filters that present high extenuations in 150 kHz up to 30 MHz frequencies, according to the EMC 2004/108/CE directive and specific norm product EN61800-3:2004.