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Synonyms for extenuation

a partial excuse to mitigate censure

to act in such a way as to cause an offense to seem less serious

References in classic literature ?
Sir Walter seemed to admit it as complete apology; and though Elizabeth could not see the circumstance in quite so favourable a light, she allowed it be a great extenuation.
Their works are done as an apology or extenuation of their living in the world,--as invalids and the insane pay a high board.
He argued with himself in extenuation of the girl's peculiar idiosyncrasies.
Broadsides in the streets, signed with her father's name, exonerating the late Stephen Blackpool, weaver, from misplaced suspicion, and publishing the guilt of his own son, with such extenuation as his years and temptation (he could not bring himself to add, his education) might beseech; were of the Present.
So much the worse,' retorted Fanny, determined not to admit anything in extenuation, 'for then you have no excuse.
Maylie, nor Harry, nor Rose (who all came in together), could offer a word in extenuation.
Circumstances over which had no control,' was the miserable creature's plea in extenuation.
Arabella's tears flowed fast, as she pleaded in extenuation that she was young and inexperienced; that her attachment had alone induced her to take the step to which she had resorted; and that she had been deprived of the counsel and guidance of her parents almost from infancy.
But the results, we know, were not of a kind to warrant this extenuation of the past.
Professors Meltzer, Kaplow, Stone, Vagts, and Michelman know too well that the fact that I was an unusually difficult project only goes to extenuation and mitigation rather than to innocence on the merits and that they would unfortunately be guilty as charged on that count.
90) Pruner motioned the court to order evidence declassified, not for findings, but for extenuation and mitigation in sentencing.
25) In addition to requesting the presence of witnesses, the accused is permitted to present anything in defense, extenuation, or mitigation.
Section 3 discusses the cases that allow defense counsel to offer opinions about the accused's potential for future military service during the case in extenuation and mitigation.
57) The defense's case in extenuation and mitigation included good military character evidence and witness testimony about the appellant's good duty performance in Afghanistan.