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Synonyms for extenuation

a partial excuse to mitigate censure

to act in such a way as to cause an offense to seem less serious

References in classic literature ?
Sir Walter seemed to admit it as complete apology; and though Elizabeth could not see the circumstance in quite so favourable a light, she allowed it be a great extenuation.
Circumstances over which had no control,' was the miserable creature's plea in extenuation.
Arabella's tears flowed fast, as she pleaded in extenuation that she was young and inexperienced; that her attachment had alone induced her to take the step to which she had resorted; and that she had been deprived of the counsel and guidance of her parents almost from infancy.
Gummidge was overcome in a similar manner during the remainder of our stay (which happened some few times), he always said the same thing in extenuation of the circumstance, and always with the tenderest commiseration.
Both acknowledge they have transgressed and violated a better self, but they enter two pleas in extenuation of their inhumane conduct.
will not be condemned by that God, who judges of the heart, weighs every circumstance of our lives, and admits every real extenuation of our feelings and transgressions.
In extenuation of the failure it must be said that almost any Englishlanguage production of Racine is liable to come a cropper for lack of actable translations.
30) Second, the death penalty was imposed by a less than unanimous vote and without evidence presented in extenuation or mitigation; and the case was prepared and tried at a breakneck pace that would be unthinkable for a capital case now.
consideration to all matters in mitigation and extenuation, as well as
The prosecutors said at a hearing at the Osaka District Court that there is no room for extenuation as the crime was cruel and inhumane.
That said, it must be remembered, in extenuation, that the justices were working under tremendous pressure of time and public scrutiny.
Helena Island and prospective heir of several others, Chaplin was mediocre in mind and character, a shallow, grasping figure for whom it is only occasionally possible to offer in extenuation the tepid excuse that "he meant well.
Professors Meltzer, Kaplow, Stone, Vagts, and Michelman know too well that the fact that I was an unusually difficult project only goes to extenuation and mitigation rather than to innocence on the merits and that they would unfortunately be guilty as charged on that count.
90) Pruner motioned the court to order evidence declassified, not for findings, but for extenuation and mitigation in sentencing.
25) In addition to requesting the presence of witnesses, the accused is permitted to present anything in defense, extenuation, or mitigation.