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  • verb

Synonyms for extenuate

to conceal or make light of a fault or offense

to make physically thin or thinner


Synonyms for extenuate

lessen or to try to lessen the seriousness or extent of

References in classic literature ?
If there were any thing to extenuate this breach of decorum by Maria, it was the manner in which it was effected.
28) Aphrodite extenuates her disgrace by claiming that the race of Anchises is almost divine, as is shown in the persons of Ganymedes and Tithonus.
The collection is up to 80% handmade in Austria and comprises six frameless models which extenuate the wearer's features, complemented by the arms available in the colours, Sweet Honey, Fresh Green, Power Red and Cool Blue.
In mitigation of the sentence every extenuating circumstance - if circumstances can extenuate the worst of crimes - may honestly be pleaded; and will no doubt have due weight with those whose painful duty is to hold the balance of life and death.
Northumberland Lights is a living testament that the great outdoors is a fantastic canvas to explore, using light in one of the darkest counties in England to extenuate the natural and built beauty of the landscape.