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Synonyms for extensive

Synonyms for extensive

Synonyms for extensive

large in spatial extent or range or scope or quantity


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This comprehensive text contains 28 chapters plus extensive references and a complete subject index.
Extensive bone wear and erosion appear throughout the jaw.
Lubold comes from Prudential Insurance Co., where she had an extensive editorial background in both hard-copy and Web-based communications, including the company Intranet.
It has been only over the past decade and a half that extensive research on Spanish Florida has been published.
Appendix C, "Illustrations," contains an example of MD&A and extensive financial statement displays.
The high-intensity explosion caused extensive damage to the house and several cars that were parked in the vicinity.
Most of the attention given to animal welfare focuses on intensive production, but here animal scientists look at extensive production, in which animals live in natural environments rather than enclosed places.
ISLAMABAD -- District Health Department, Islamabad has planned extensive campaign against dengue in the rural areas of Islamabad during ongoing month and completed all necessary arrangements in this regard.
THIS is a unique property set within an extensive rear garden.
Further, the Board of Investment, has granted extensive concessions, which has not derived results in the national interest.
It enhanced us to think that reading is a relevant tool, which is necessary for development in the classroom; then we focused our attention on observing the effects of extensive reading to be used as a part of the English program.
Amenities include private drives, corporate signage, extensive landscaping, 20' ceilings, 50' x 22' column spacing, effluent cleaning areas, drainage system under floor, jogging path and picnic tables.
The stories detail extensive benefits doled out to religious groups by federal, state and local governments, pointing out that religious organizations are routinely exempted from licensing requirements, labor laws and government oversight to protect the public interest.
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