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an electric cord used to extend the length of a power cord

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Having three dogs, I decided that it is cheaper for me to go and buy a 50-meter outdoor extension cord than have veterinarian bills because seeds got in my cocker spaniels' ears.
Potential licensees in the extension cord accessories and electrical tools industries are currently being targeted as candidates to eventually commercialize the Cord Lock on a worldwide basis.
A power strip connected to an extension cord running up to the upper floor and multiple, lightweight extension cords running off it powering cellphone chargers, lamps, a refrigerator and other devices.
Additionally, many decorate and then try to figure out where the decorations or lights will get plugged in after they're done, often resulting in multiple decorations being plugged into a single outlet or running extension cords all over the lawn, both of which create numerous hazards.
Using an indoor extension cord outdoors could result in an electric shock or fire hazard.
Repairing and maintaining extension cords, or the male end of appliances, power tools, and anything else you plug in, is a cinch.
A portable GFCI can be plugged into an outlet or may be a GFCI on an extension cord.
ARMED with a vacuum cleaner and an extension cord, a thief drilled a small hole in a Danish jewellery shop window and sucked out goods worth at least pounds 8,000.
The lamp is in stock for immediate delivery, and each light is individually display-boxed and comes with all the necessary mounting screws and a 71/2 -ft extension cord.
The new Spectrums[R] CutMate[TM] air plasma cutter withstands a 15 percent voltage drop, minimizes nuisance trips with advanced diagnostic LEDS and expands work area because it can use an extension cord up to 133 ft.
With a VPN, the Internet can function as an extension cord connecting two PCs.
Last month's fire at Cafe Saint Moritz started when a cheap, abused and long-suffering extension cord in the mezzanine-level manager's' office ignited nearby combustibles in the 3,300-SF space managed by Moses Nosari Tucker Real Estate Inc.
A lifeless telephone cable reincarnated as a thousand-mile-long extension cord now connects land-based scientists to experiments at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.
DIY enthusiasts might prefer Screwdriver or Extension Cord.
You'll also need an extension cord to run from the light box to your wall outlet.