extended family

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a family consisting of the nuclear family and their blood relatives

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From among the roles of the extended family, according to Islamic laws, one is to support its females financially when they are in need.
Extended Family Care is a licensed and certified Home Health agency.
Extended Family recently formed an ongoing relationship with the Boys & Girls Club of the West Valley in an effort to locate and assist deserving families in need.
That is, it could be part of the plan developed by the extended family group in its private family time and endorsed by the other participants in the conference, by the responsible agency, and subsequently by the court.
It concluded that although family members were living further apart and married women were becoming increasingly involved in paid employment, the extended family still existed in all social classes and cultural groups.
You even have a sort of crucifixion in the character of Grace, who is raped by a member of her extended family - like the betraying kiss of Judas - and hangs herself on a tree.
The survey also revealed that separate living space for extended family is very important to women compared to men (62 percent and 46 percent, respectively).
Like an extended family, there is a huge cast of characters and considerable travel between colorful towns and beautiful piazzas.
The former Bishop Amat of La Puente star and his wife, Mia, have extended family throughout Southern California.
We don't have kids yet, but we know when we do they'll be raised in an extended family that includes lots of relatives and lots of friends.
She has a large extended family with a sister in St Ives, Cornwall, a brother in Scot-land and another sister who lives in Swansea's Upper Kill ay.
The assassination attempt and subsequent retaliation are just a few of the scenes in this story of King and Jackson Tremain and their extended family.
Make some sacrifices, and get some extended family visits in--especially to older relatives who are faith folks.
Calvin Parks; and extended family in North Carolina.
The community is regarded as an expansion of the extended family and the well-being of both family and community is of foremost importance to the interdependent individual (Triandis, 1990).
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