extended family

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a family consisting of the nuclear family and their blood relatives

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They committed time and a large sum of money to make sure Jada stayed in her extended family.
the family and extended family members of any person who served in the armed forces of any nation associated with the United States of America as an ally, was honorably discharged and became an American citizen;
This paper analyzes the influences of the extended family on the professional experiences of these women leaders, and how those experiences are shaped by the women's race, nationality, class, gender and sexual orientation.
Several studies have called attention to the growth in grandmother care during the 1990s and increasing receipt of kin foster care payments by grandparents and other extended family members (Dunlap, Tourigny, & Johnson, 2000; Fuller-Thomson & Minkler, 2000; Scannapieco & Jackson, 1996).
After being abruptly left at the altar for his cousin and enduring pressure from his extended family of overachievers, Ricky flees to France and tosses away his plans of becoming a lawyer to pursue his original dream of becoming a jazz pianist.
The Pililaau extended family, most of whom live in Hawaii, then walked the decks and climbed the ladders of the nearly 950-foot long vessel and were treated to lunch by the ship's 30 member crew.
Whereas in some places--or even in our own country 50 years ago or so--you might be born, live, and die all in the same village surrounded by the same people, today we move about, live far from extended family members and close friends, and communicate electronically rather than in the flesh.
Relative to cultural values, two institutions have weighed prominently in African American life--the extended family and the church.
The fourth, and most important, factor is the role the extended family plays in the support and treatment of psychological, marital and family problems of its members.
But the amendment also gives citizens the right to vote the prince out, though various males in his extended family would ultimately decide whether to replace him.
A placement with extended family on-reserve is preferred.
Soo-hyang's extended family of 21 fled North Korea last August in a small fishing boat.
Such houses can grow and be altered with ease as the traditional extended family changes.
Yet cousins and extended family get no more assistance than strangers do.
Upon his death, funeral costs will absorb savings from the extended family while his children may be sent away to live with relatives and their future education will be severely compromised.
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