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Synonyms for extendable

capable of being lengthened


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There is a split into 2 lots: - lot 1, Baton, Short, Extendible, 16 ", - lot 2, Baton, Short, Extendable, 20 ", With handle stop and carrying device.
SPEND SPEND Extendable magnifying wall mirror PS49 from John LewIs, www.
Topics covered include: Extendable note programmes, Asset - backed commercial paper market RMBS, CDOs and CMBS, while country and regional reviews focus on securitisation in: Asia, Australia, Austria, Czech Republic, Europe, France, Italy, Latin America, Luxembourg, Mexico, Nordic Region, Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Switzerland, UK and US.
This swap is extendable at the option of the counterparty for the second quarter of 2002.