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Synonyms for extemporize

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for extemporize

manage in a makeshift way

perform without preparation

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Chapter 3 deals with the best known and most widely discussed forms of Hmong music: firstly the secular female extemporized sung poetry, kwv txhiaj and secondly, the sounds of the multiple reed pipe qeej, in particular during the funeral ritual.
Esterhammer welcomes this condition as justification for her argument "that the significance of the improvvisatore and improvvisatrice for Romantic and post-Romantic culture lies in their reception, much more than in the poetry that was actually extemporized" (220).
From Stove's work we learn not only about Franck's symphonies, extemporized fugues, organ compositions, sonatas, and quartets but also about the composer's widening circle of acquaintances.
In contemporary art as with contemporary fiction the objecthood now ironically manifest in the use of E-readers, and screen bred imagery, digitalized and extemporized by web technology caricatures expression and creative fiction as something that supersedes any placement within a physical sphere of context which is the key to cosmology.
His wordplay and poems were a form of self-challenge: he slowly drew out the words as he extemporized, and applauded himself as the words formed witty conclusions.
Even an extemporized meal of cheese sandwiches grilled on the wood stove can have a certain rustic appeal - at first.
Dotting the gallery floor, like a sparse archipelago, the stones--mottled with living moss and lichens--seemed like an extemporized display of some naturalist's homemade collection.
The rule extends both (1) to exhibits that counsel intends later to introduce and (2) to those that will not be used subsequently in the trial but are either extemporized (as a blackboard) or prepared in advance of trial to summarize a claim.
Since he spoke no Chinese, finding the language unpalatable, he wrote his lecture on the blackboard as he extemporized it, to make sure the students could follow his drift; this was just as well, given that a combination of slurred rapidity and mumbling made his speech difficult even for English audiences, even if he had remembered (which he sometimes didn't) to put his false teeth in.
The genre, examined thoroughly by Paul Oliver in his seminal work Songsters and Saints, consisted of extemporized narratives on biblical themes--sermons, if you will, though abbreviated to fit the three-minute recording format--most often supported by snatches of ecstatic song and apparently spontaneous expression by accompanying members of the 'congregation'.
The newspapers also played an important role in the transmission of the oral extemporized poem in print.
The reconstructed test is extemporized. Yet there is lingering illogic in the first factor, even as rebuilt.
Although the French and their Indian allies would continue to wage la petite guerre in the forests with ambushes, scalping raids, and extemporized sieges, the strategic balance now depended on who could bring the largest conventional forces to bear at the key point--Quebec.
Following a graciously extemporized introduction by series-curator John Tipton, Matthias Regan, wearing a red t-shirt that announced his support for striking janitors and a "NO WAR" button on his right sleeve, took the podium and immediately started distributing copies of a chapbook entitled CODE-BOOK-CODE, produced by 93 Books (which Regan co-publishes with Christopher Alexander) in an edition of thirty-nine copies specifically for this reading (a note in the back tells us).
Heidegger wrote out these and all subsequent courses he gave in his career although, as the student transcripts with which the original manuscripts were compared for the first two courses show, he often extemporized in his presentation of the written texts.