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Synonyms for extemporize

to compose or recite without preparation

Synonyms for extemporize

manage in a makeshift way

perform without preparation

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Aldridge & Aldridge define the ability to extemporize as the same as being able to improvise; speaking or communicating spontaneously without preparation.
150-155) The notion of men binding themselves by oath to relinquish responsibility resembles the paradox of people joining together to extemporize. But the sense of conscious commitment is necessary, because living in Lotos-land, like extemporizing--and like all composition, in Tennyson's view--requires that one be knowingly "careless." The state to which the mariners aspire is one of fault, not default.
He joined the Rosati club of aesthetes, who met for summer picnics to extemporize verses on themes of life and love, as well as the Arras literary academy.
Then she spontaneously interrupted herself, looked up at the audience, and began to extemporize based on the knowledge she had acquired in Belize itself, which was so much richer than the facts she had conned from the pre-trip textbook.
In short, many teachers extemporize with cooperative learning and focus on basic, lower level skills at the exclusion of enrichment, problem solving, and judging propositions.
Inevitably, the role of women in all stages of their lives was a subject on which she was often called to extemporize. Women appear in her poems in both a social and a political light.
Do not extemporize because the reporter is being persistent.
On one occasion, when an unusually large and appreciative crowd was collected, and many ladies present, the captain became so enthused that, after exhausting every recognized movement, he began to extemporize, and shouted out the command, "Company, right and left oblique; march!" The men gallantly essayed to obey the order, and diverging from the center toward the flanks, scattered widely.
At our moral best, we skillfully extemporize in response to each other with the aim of harmonizing interests.
And many sections take a theme or word and extemporize an extended (jazz) riff on it.
Incoherence, inconsistency, calculated ambiguity, and a readiness to extemporize are not characteristics unique to the Third Way.
Then, each individual respondent had to extemporize to produce 5 personal wordings for each of the 12 basic statements.
The lack of a realized continuo also suggests that this edition would appeal more to the professional, or adept amateur, who is able to extemporize the continuo part.
Hideo: "Well, Art, I knew that they were three-and-four on the bases with five holding, so it was down to me to extemporize the situation with a long- ball thwart down to second which would let Randy Zoovermaier make it home for a three- up-two-down single end trouser press."
Sometimes the stream-of-consciousness attempt to give the impression of listening to someone extemporize during a lecture gives the impression that the lecturer has got completely lost.