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a performance given extempore without planning or preparation

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In any extemporisation singers can juxtapose song phrases in various orders or omit them.
This 'raising up from the inner' and its projection through word-sounds 'out through the mouth' to be evaporated in the physical world is seen as a total process of song extemporisation.
In another extemporisation, Baby Macaque is the size of the speaker's lower arm.
The following are extracts from an extemporisation of the Kudo Sembilat Mayo (Horse-of-Nine-Images).
Not only was Floyd the music critic of the Melbourne (1920-30) and regular broadcaster for the ABC, he was especially noted for his extemporisations and psalm accompaniments on the organ.
Several of the UK's most admired composers have supplied starting-points from which BCMG under the direction of Peter Wiegold will develop creative extemporisations, and the well-loved actor Timothy West will read excerpts from Calvino's book (7.30pm, details on 0121 767 4050).
Add to that the grandeur of Whitlock's Fanfare from Four Extemporisations, Nevin's Will othe Wisp and the evocative, inventive and virtuoso Lied Symphony - Tracey played two movements: Lied to the Flowers and Lied to the Sun - and this was a brilliantly musical way to spend a Monday morning.
The school magazine of St Albans recorded his death in November 1957: He was a fine organist, ingenious and at times subtly humorous in extemporisations, bold and colourful in his playing of great works .
Henriksen's previous structures, offering a series of promenades architecturales, were abstract extemporisations on the idea of motion.
Yet it's still very much a work in progress and vast chunks of it are spirited jams, extemporisations around themes that hadn't quite gelled yet.
Wah guitars, sublime strings and powerhouse drumming are the hallmarks of these tracks and while the lengthy carnal extemporisations may be gone, there's something primordially effecting about Hayes cooking on gas.
Makoto's glissando guitar extemporisations work well as a meditative aid.