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Synonyms for extempore

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for extempore

with little or no preparation or forethought

without prior preparation

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The fourth slot involves, again, the correspondent's voice-over with which he first expressed his personal opinion in an extempore fashion, then recalled how the U.
I set vp Bills, the People throng'd apace, With full intention to disgrace, or grace; The house was ful, the Tru[m]pets twice had sou[n]ded, And though he came not, I was not confounded, But stept vpon the Stage, and told them this; My Aduerse would not come: not one did hisse; But flung me Theames: I then extempore Did blot his name from out their memorie, And pleasd them all, in spight of one to braue me, Witnesse the Ringing Plaudits that they gaue me.
The Church of the Province in South Africa spent the first half of the 20th century attempting to "regularize" MU branches in African communities away from their ever-increasing manyano identity, with its emphasis on extempore prayer and preaching, the wearing of identifiable uniforms, and fundraising activities.
When it was proscribed in favor of the Directory of Public Worship, extempore prayer became law.
Revealing the beauty of this diverse land, it is an extempore exploration into the mindset [of] people finding creative solutions to build sustainability.
In the second round, on spot topic was given to all the teams in which team discussion was allowed whereas in the third round the contestants were given extempore topic with no team discussion allowed.
Rahmat Shah Sail noted progressive Pashto poet while commenting on the folk Pashto poetry tradition said that earlier, folk Pashto poets used to hold extempore poetry contests in the spring season on open spaces in which the contestants would represent their own tribes , it used to be in the of versified dialogue based on the question and answer.
The government decision to allow the homeless Salafis to settle in Sawan was extempore and not well thought out, leaving many Sawan residents feeling resentful, said Anas Al-Gherbi, a journalist and Sawan resident.
q=%23InAParallelUniverse&src=hash) #InAParallelUniverse Manmohan Singh won first competition in extempore and debate competition.
3 TROIS EXERCISES D'INTERPRETATION (Cristi Puiu) Cristi Puiu's witty trio of extempore acting workshops in Toulouse recalls Eric Rohmer's late portraits of amorous delusion and self-defeat.
The President, in a brief 10-minute speech delivered extempore, said: "Without the help of Bangladesh, transportation of the heavy project equipment and turbines to Palatana project could not be possible, if that country did not allow their territory to ferry these heavy machineries.
Banks, son of Louis Banks -- often dubbed the godfather of Indian jazz -- raised the tempo for the evening with the duo playing an extempore improvisation on various themes.
Attendees travelled from across the north east to participate in a jam-packed competitive programme of academic events in recitation of the Holy Quran, memorisation of the Holy Quran, poetry, prepared speeches and extempore speeches.
In 1845 the ritualist minister William Bennett argued that church congregations related to their faiths through form: 'a Liturgy is a form known to the congregation--an extempore prayer, a form unknown to the congregation .