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without prior preparation

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Prospective volunteers must enjoy teaching, speaking extemporaneously and encouraging others to set and achieve goals.
Whitefield also performed marriages, baptisms, and funerals, and though he may have preached extemporaneously on these occasions, he used the prayer book's liturgies too.
Lincoln had to parry these attacks in a state with substantial numbers of openly racist voters as best he could manage extemporaneously. In doing so, he conceded some issues he could not do anything about--for instance, the Illinois state law against race mixing (a topic the U.S.
The same is true for mortality data: the UN figure inevitably cited by news organizations is 300,000, offered by John Holmes, head of UN humanitarian operations; the figure was calculated extemporaneously during a press interview in April 2008--more than six years ago.
Businesspeople often mistakenly assume that because they know their company and industry so well, they can handle the pressure to extemporaneously answer questions with confidence and authenticity.
Faraday lectured extemporaneously in Wheatstone's place, describing recent electrical inventions.
When you have a ying to your yang and someone with whom you can speak extemporaneously and bat ideas around in a safe zone, that's an effective relationship and one where business strategy can be incubated and then further developed with others.
(13) The plethora of extemporaneously emerging colours and morphed surfaces is evidence of how Swanson maps out events that we normally could not see during the firing process and puts them into play before our eyes.
Forgotten is an art of preparing mixtures and lotions extemporaneously. Many things were learnt during preparations of various dosage forms.
He notes that orations were in fact not recorded or copied in written form, "and it is probable that on the vast majority of occasions the preacher spoke extemporaneously, perhaps embellishing a memorized sermon, or elements thereof.
That encompasses an alternate reality game-cum-film-cum-social network ("The Cloud Chamber Mystery"), a 3D movie adaptation of an Off Broadway docu-play ("Charlie Victor Romeo"), and a found-footage doc narrated live and extemporaneously by audience members ("No More Road Trips?").
He started a sentence in one direction, but then headed off extemporaneously in another:
First, his attendance at the church of empiricism, with its belief that research has no bias; second, the apparent surprise that extemporaneously mansplaining biological differences to a bunch of female scientists would cause him any trouble.
On November 29, the day after the United Nations voted to recognize the Palestinian state, Rabbi Roly Matalon of Congregation B'nai Jeshurun (BJ) in Manhattan, speaking extemporaneously during Friday night services, noted the moment's historic significance.
Dancing extemporaneously between the audience and his rolling video, Satterwhite communicates the emotional impact of these images through his expressive body.