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Synonyms for extemporaneous

spoken, performed, or composed with little or no preparation or forethought

Synonyms for extemporaneous

with little or no preparation or forethought

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This experimental study, performed on rodent models, aimed at investigating the feasibility of using MRI to assess the resection margins of excised tumor specimen using the UICC classification and comparing MRI with the conventional extemporaneous histopathological method.
The resource includes actions, indications, off-label uses, contraindications, warnings, precautions, interactions, adverse reactions, overdosage, patient information, and administration and dosage, as well as extemporaneous preparations, systemic drugs affecting the eye, systemic medications used for ocular conditions, orphan drugs, pharmacologic and pharmacokinetic information, commercial product information, specific formulation availability, and a manufacturer index.
In this respect, the extemporaneous anticipation of the second registration period by the CBF has a direct impact on the ongoing international championship, i.e.
He writes with such efficient lucidity while avoiding extemporaneous discantings.
No longer the exclusive domain of jazz musicians, a renewed emphasis on extemporaneous music making can be found in nearly every corner of the music education community.
Thus, the local freestyle of articulate, rapid-fire, extemporaneous delivery; the juxtaposition of multiple meaningful words and sounds; and the way that MCs follow one another without missing a beat, quickly became known throughout L.A.'s underground in Leimert Park, a center of African American culture and arts in Los Angeles.
Competitors in extemporaneous speaking have 30 minutes to prepare a seven-minute response to a question, complete with source citations.
While none of these extemporaneous sounds was part of the artwork per se, their intrusion drew attention to the artist's permissiveness with regard to natural "pollution." The only light in the exhibition was that which filtered through the windows and skylight.
THE PROBLEM WITH WRITING A COLUMN is that you're led to say in 500 prim and overly manicured words what someone can lay bare in a single sparse, extemporaneous sentence, full of truth and nothing but.
She soon realized however, that these songs were connected to non-royal praise songs and to other extemporaneous performances of non-praise songs.
A: In September 1991, the NSW Department of Health announced the information required for labels for extemporaneous preparations.
"Historically, evangelicals were early adopters of technology," Diana Butler Bass, author of The Practicing Congregation, told Sojourners, "whether it was extemporaneous preaching, newspapers, radio, TV, or the Internet.
No wonder Phil Neville insisted on an extemporaneous celebration in the centre circle so Bluebods could chorus their approval of a mighty 90 minutes.
"As you get older, it's poetry, prose, extemporaneous speaking, and then dramatic interpretation.