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--finely granular, sometimes with traces of spiral lines, exsert and sometimes globose
A comparison of the crystalline structure of exsert septa between colonies growing under aquarium conditions and natural, field conditions has revealed that drastic changes to crystal deposition and skeletal formation may occur in corals maintained for long periods in closed-circuit aquaria.
24A, C): White, more or less level with first teleoconch whorl or at most weakly exsert, with a weak apical beak; diameter 220-240 [micro]m; terminal lip distinctly convex; superficial sculpture well developed, arranged in irregular axial lines, with a weak spiral element.
In this study we have investigated, over a 24-h period, the crystalline microstructure at the growth surface of exsert septa from the reef coral G.
56A, C): White to translucent white, strongly exsert; diameter 260280 um; apical beak scarcely evident; surface evidently smooth; terminal lip roundly angled between mid-whorl and adapical suture.
The average ear for the female inbred in Field F required about 6 d to exsert 95% of its silks.
Peduncles of lateral spikes, degree of exsertion: barely to moderately exsert, with exsertion ratio=0.050-1.7 (0); greatly exsert, with exsertion ratio=1.9-3.9 (1).
When 30% of the plants in each plot reached silking, five plants about to exsert silks were selected for sampling.
Epipompilus is characterized by the fore wings twice black-banded, pronotum with the collar not well differentiated from the disc, pronotum short or moderately long, propodeum with the slope low and even, almost flat posteriorly, eyes sometimes wholly covered with short hairs, and labrum strongly exserted. Epipompilus.
Ovipositor occupying 0.5 to 0.7x length of gaster, exserted markedly beyond gastral apex (by 0.22 to 0.3x own total length); ovipositor length:metatibia length ratio 1.2 to 1.3.
In HN, species with exserted, gular or included stamens were fairly equal to each other ([chi square]= 0.25, P = 0.8825), while most species in other regions possessed stamens deeply included in the corolla tube (Fig.
On its first arrival it seemed very thirsty, and with exserted maxillae drank eagerly of drops of water" (Beagle 172-3).