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having material deleted

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Such waste resulting from activities such as cleaning, expurgated, scotico or mechanical screening of channels, dredging of canals, streams and pools of absorption and / or lamination, or by cutting the aquatic grasses in the Rio Palace, in Rio San Marino, in Rio Foce, tributaries of the River Sarno.
Building upon Professor Kell's earlier work, "Exiled: Voices of the Southern Baptist Convention Holy War", which revealed the stories of those who were themselves expurgated, this new book details the experiences of their relations--the sons and daughters who saw their moderate-leaning parents lose pastoral positions, administrative posts, missionary appointments, or seminary professorships, and who faced their own often fraught relationships with their church home.
He rehearses his mating call while Attenborough (his post-colonial visage expurgated here) redundantly tells his audience what it is they're hearing.
You'll find the expurgated story of the adobe oven in our new Great Outdoors Cookbook, out this month, which has clear and complete directions on how to tackle all sorts of adventurous live-fire techniques.
In the recording, only the prime minister's speech is heard, meaning it has been expurgated to remove the other people's voices.
Memory itself cannot be expurgated - it does that for itself.
Jefferson expurgated Jesus' miracles from his famous bible and refused to be a godfather to the children of Anglican friends because he would not profess belief in the Trinity.
Jarzcok investigates Philip Kaufman's adaptation of Nin's Henry and June, arguing that while the film diverges significantly from the diary, such concerns are "largely redundant" because Nin herself "expurgated" her life in such a way that "every text constructs a different Nin and a different view of her life." Instead, Jarzcok explores the film's role in shaping Nin's public identity as well as its relation to stereotypes of female sexuality.
expurgated. Only hours ago, a radiation oncologist laboriously outlined
In her essay "Paul Gilroy's Slaves, Ships and Routes," she complained that his study was little more than a "cartography of celebratory journeys" and "an expurgated epic history." Likewise Braziel critiques Gilroy's glorifying of black nomadism or what Elizabeth DeLoughrey calls a naive celebration of cross-cultural hybridity (p.
Nor will they tell them that whenever an orthodox Jew mentions the name Jesus, he or she must recite the following curse: "May his name is damned, and memory erased." Would people like Pat Robertson and John Hagee, who pretend to be the spiritual guardians of Christianity, or even the Holy See, approach their Jewish friends and plead to them to see to it that this vulgar literature is expurgated from the Talmud or at least not taught in hundreds of Yishivot or Talmudic schools throughout Israel.
Since guessing wrong about the FCC's taste can cost broadcasters millions of dollars in fines and jeopardize their licenses, they tend to err on the side of restraint, which means much worthy material either is expurgated or never airs.
Although critics such as Barbara Foley, Roderick Ferguson, and Lena and Michael Hill have appealed to the expurgated drafts of Invisible Man to formulate interesting readings, and biographers Arnold Rampersad and Lawrence Jackson have considered the drafts in their assessments of Ellison's life, no scholar has previously dealt with these materials in their totality.
Now, more and more people are coming to realize that this threat has been expurgated, he said.
You must give reasons why the document or the expurgated parts are to be kept from the public.