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Synonyms for expunction

the act of erasing or the condition of being erased

Synonyms for expunction

deletion by an act of expunging or erasing

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Eichinger presents unclear arguments that, in many ways, appear to be an attempt at challenging an alleged error made at sentencing, rather than addressing how the circuit court supposedly erred in its 2017 order denying his motion for expunction. In any event, Eichinger's arguments regarding the 2017 order are either factually unsupported or flawed under existing law.
Expunction does not call into question the legality of the previous conviction, and it does not signify that the defendant was innocent of the crime for which he was convicted.
Senate Bill 233 was introduced by Senator Floyd McKissick (D-Durham), on March 10, 2015, and requires the automatic expunction of wrongful arrest records due to mistaken identity or identity theft.
Most of his work is accomplished by interlineation and marginal notes (for short omissions), alternatively by expunction and accompanying interlineation for rejected short readings.
The roadmap spoken of often at the time was nothing but a charade for a singular purpose: the political expunction of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Special reason for the expunction of the crime: Marriage, contracted by the perpetrator of the crime with the injured party, hereby expunges the crime [...] and if there has been a conviction, the execution of the crime and the accompanying sentence are abolished".
The duty would obligate prosecutors to seek all possible enhancements based on the relationship of the accused to the victim and/or any witnesses, and to oppose any proposed dispositions that would lead to expunction. The new rule would increase the recognition that convicted abusers are ineligible to possess guns.
judicial sealing or expunction of a juvenile criminal history record for
in the Betty King Committee Room to address juvenile truancy and to look at extending the use of expunction of criminal records for low-level, non-violent criminals.
The concluding chapter is devoted to sentencing, probation, and expunction. "Ignorance of the Law is No Excuse" is very highly recommended for personal and community library Judicial Studies collections.
To avoid this, the authors designed a set of transparency principles to ensure secure deletion of data, modified database language (MySQL) internals to encrypt the expunction log with minimal performance impact that usually occur when it comes to overwriting-encryption.
(49) In some states a pardon leads to an automatic expunction, (50) but that is not always the case.
Antioxidant capability in sperm cells is limited because of deficiency cytoplasmic components having antioxidant effects to expunction of reactive oxygens.
In some cases, the changes introduced by the scribe, or by the editor who was supervising his work, can easily be noticed because we find out "physical" elements throughout the folio, such as dots under a word as a sign of expunction or carets indicating that a missing word is being added.
Headless records the power of the privileged to control information, to craft the "master narrative," and the film's unnerving aura of expunction recalls--as does the gardener's unearthing of evidence of a previous existence in Vero's garden--Argentina's still suppurating recent past, in which the country's elites had tens of thousands "disappeared" and let silence efface their crimes.