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Synonyms for expropriate

Synonyms for expropriate

to take quick and forcible possession of

Words related to expropriate

deprive of possessions

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In its July 1 decision, the Mandaluyong RTC barred More Power from expropriating Peco's distribution assets.
2000-1115 of May 15, 2000, expropriating for public use parcels of land located in the governorate of Beja and necessary for the construction of the fifth phase of the Sidi Elbarrek dam.
Expropriation is "the taking of land without consent of the owner by an expropriating authority in the exercise of its statutory powers." (8) In other words, expropriation is when the governing authority in effect takes your land (while paying you fair market value) for a public benefit.
The court, meanwhile, regarded the defendant as usurper ( grabber) of the land once the decision on expropriating the house from him was issued.
If there is any uncertainty or confusion in the legislation about what the expropriating government can do, that ambiguity will be construed and settled in favour of the landowner (Toronto Area Transit Operating Authority v.
3- The Cabinet's draft decision on the reformation of a central committee for grievances related to expropriating of real estates for public benefit and defining their functions.
The Saudi Cabinet has given the necessary approval to complete expropriating 2,000 properties in the holy city of Makkah, as the government presses ahead with plans to further expand the northern courtyards of the Grand Mosque.
The regime has, for decades, expanded its domain by expropriating the land of Palestinian families who have live there for generations.
"The South Cairo Civil Court will decide on the case to dissolve the NDP on April 12," a judicial source said, adding that expropriating the offices of the party is not unlikely.
In 1999, B'Tselem published "On the Way to Annexation" explaining how Ma'ale Adummim's earlier development violated international law by expropriating Palestinian land and expelling Jahalin tribe Bedouins.