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The Bank does not examine the books and records of its COFI Reporting Members for the purpose of confirming the accuracy of the data they deliver to the Bank used to calculate the COFI, and the Bank expressly disclaims all liability that may arise from any use of the COFI or the use of inaccurate data received from its COFI Reporting Members in calculating the COFI.
But of course, because of the impending visit of President Xi, I would say that it is anytime between now and visit of President Xi, but it was not expressly stated as such,' he said in a palace briefing.
'The approval of the two legislators to serve beyond the limit of five years is expressly unconstitutional and, therefore, invalid, null and void,' Omtatah argues.
"He has chosen not to submit any evidence for this panel and has expressly stated that he no longer wishes to practise as a social worker and said that he did not care about the outcome of the Voluntary Removal Hearing which was ultimately abandoned as he refused to sign an amended copy of the agreement."
However, his commanding presence and disarming oratory convinced his colleagues to support his resolution "affirming that the states were sovereign and that the confederation could only exercise those powers that were expressly delegated to it."
I expressly grant authority to my Personal Representative to have full, complete and unrestricted access to my Digital Assets (as defined herein) and Digital Accounts (as defined herein), and I expressly include my Digital Assets and Digital Accounts in the property and property rights that pass under this Will.
EXPRESSLY (Charlie Appleby) CHARLIE APPLEBY landed his first winner as a Godolphin trainer with Expressly.
The fundamental reason for his decision was that there was no need to imply a performance term in relation to interim progress of the subcontract works if the terms of the subcontract expressly dealt with performance and default of the same.
In an open letter to Prime Minister-designate Najib Mikati, 10 Lebanese and international nongovernmental organizations called on the state to pass and implement a 2009 draft law expressly prohibiting torture
According to the court's advocate-general, who gave his opinion on 17 February(1), the answer is yes': Directive 2002/30 does not preclude the adoption of noise reduction measures distinct from those expressly provided for by this legislation.
Since their first meeting in 1983, when the young mezzo auditioned for a role in the composer's Patria 5: RA, James has become both Schafer's spiritual companion and muse and, as a result, the fortunate recipient of several exceptional works written expressly for her voice.
The Different Dragon is published by Two Lives Publishing, the only publisher of children's books expressly intended for kids in LGBT families; and so it happens that young Noah has two mothers, one who helps him get ready for bed (though he needs only a little help) and Go-Ma, who invents the tale about The Different Dragon along with him.
Article 36 of the Vienna Convention expressly leaves the exact manner of executing its provisions to the discretion of the individual nations.
It is unclear how these two standards will operate together and whether challenges of undue burden will carry much weight now that amended Rule 45 expressly contemplates the production of electronically stored information.
As such, Manzanita Village is not advertised as an expressly LGBT retreat center.