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vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

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Likewise, a very significant relationship has been found between high values in WD and low values in emotional expressivity, as well as high values in the difficulty to verbally express feelings and poor emotional insight (alexithymia).
This link between emotional recognition and expressivity might be explained by an important mirroring behaviour.
When examined Table 3, the levelofthe athletes' sub-dimension of "Emotional expressivity" was found to be X = 49.49 [+ or -] 8.23, "Emotional sensitivity" to be X = 49.32 [+ or -] 7.72, "Emotional control" to be X = 46.72 [+ or -] 9.15, "Social expressivity" to be X = 46.30 [+ or -] 8.73, "Social sensitivity" to be X = 46.74 [+ or -] 8.13, "Social Control"to be X = 46.68 [+ or -] 8.70 and mean scores across the scale to be X = 285.56 [+ or -] 39.14.
These planners do not have the representational expressivity to capture geometric operations, nor are they well suited to computing large intersections (millions of logical conjunctions) and unions (millions of logical disjunctions).
In linguistic terms and concerning her great emphasis on expressivity, physical production, and how reception contributes to imagining communities, Walkowitz is convincing regarding Junot Diaz's punning, as a corrective to Adam Thirlwell's vague and unconvincing "multiple" translation enterprises.
Particularly impressive is the dialogical second movement with echoes, pauses and properly administered expressivity. The manner-free scherzo and the contrastively gradated finale are the recording's apex.
Space is like an input hosting medium of this universal mind, and time is an output feed for its expressivity. The book goes into depth explaining all this in an easy to read but inspiring way.
True Image transforms video recordings of the person into an avatar with real human characteristics and expressivity.
Monilethrix with variable expressivity. Int J Trichol.
Reworked by the composer in 1754, the second version contains fewer recitatives and is perhaps more diverting with additional dances and ariettes, but it remains a tragedie lyrique of great seriousness and expressivity.
Altdorfer's The Adoration of the Magi (1530-35), alongside the colourful and dramatic visions on show, reveal the new expressivity at play as artists experimented with light, form and pose.
Her luxuriously long limbs, combined with an intellectual curiosity and artistic expressivity made her an audience favorite.
To this end, Expressive Intersections features essays that offer analyses of structure and expressivity not only in the realm of texted works, but also identifies expressivity through structural analyses of instrumental works.
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