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Synonyms for expressiveness

vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

Words related to expressiveness

the quality of being expressive

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The effect of maternal expressiveness on children's development of knowledge of display rules was also examined.
Another study, after speech therapy training expressiveness for telejournalists, showed significant results of communicative improvement according to the self-perception of viewers [5].
Several of the positive goals (as well as the negative expressiveness goal), tactics, and outcomes increased when the topic was a personal one.
But he more than made up for this with the continual dramatic interest and sheer expressiveness of his singing, including some judicious embellishments and a dramatic change of tone during "But who may abide the day of his coming?
A central argumentative thread in the collection is Davies's attempt to carve a place for a moderate version of emotionalism, the view that the expressiveness of emotions is an objective and literally possessed, though response-dependent, property of music.
Five pieces of Mousa's abstract acrylic-on-canvas works showcase her expressiveness.
5) This supports research suggesting that while pre-college students can be taught to replicate musical expression, they often must be years older to produce their own inner expressiveness.
The purpose of this article is to gain a deeper understanding of the effect of music expressiveness on physiological reactions, the contribution of expressive cues to musical emotion decoding, the acoustic attributes of music, the emotional content of music, and neural networks devoted to music processing components.
The thing about Tauseeq is his extreme expressiveness.
The present study is aimed to show a relationship between personal growth, emotional expressiveness and assertiveness of working and non-working females.
Part of what hinders our capacity to see this quality in their gestures is a general concept of blackness that privileges public expressiveness and resistance.
A range of workshops to enhance expressiveness and imagination has been arranged by members of the NEWI e3 group who invite all sections of the community to participate in the Creative Campus events.
To study how people weigh information when judging their own and others' masculinity-femininity (M-F), the author asked 170 male and 205 female participants to rate themselves and their best friends on M-F, instrumentality, expressiveness, and gender-typed hobby preferences.
Sleek and streamlined, it featured her extraordinarily diverse company--dancers tall and short, black, white, and Asian--in a work that focused on the power, sensuality, and expressiveness of human bodies.