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Synonyms for expressiveness

vivid, effective, or persuasive communication in speech or artistic performance

Words related to expressiveness

the quality of being expressive

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In the domain of expressiveness, 46.9% of male students and 36% of female students had expressive--oral as their major learning style and among the later, 9.3% had expressive-oral as a negligible learning style.
The effect of maternal expressiveness on children's development of knowledge of display rules was also examined.
How do we achieve expressiveness? English grammar, its logical sentence structure, and the form of expression are significantly different from that of Chinese.
A quality voiceover in television news, with good oral and gestural expressiveness, is linked to a good text, which consequently produces a free communication noise and enhancement of information [3].
Women believed more than men that the goals of mutual understanding, negative expressiveness, and changing the other were important to pursue during an episode.
The expressiveness of the color and black and white illustrations tells all, with humor and love.
The other Key reason for the annual excellence of Messiah is the continued employment of the Royal Northern Sinfonia, now established as the ideal BACKING band for this WORK, with enough heft to accompany a large choir and yet displaying all the rhythmic lightness and vibrato-free expressiveness of a baroque band.
It's only Patton's wonderful expressiveness - her face looks animated even when at rest - that saves this from being a complete plane crash.
This seems to matter not a whit given the crispness of ensemble, unanimity of tone and artistic expressiveness demonstrated in the ten works of Tudor polyphony featured here.
She said that she does like to have her body present and just to put it in the voice is quite difficult as you have to put energy into the expressiveness. ( ANI )
Among the topics are towards an argument-based music recommender system, dishonest arguments in debate games, comparing the expressiveness of argumentation semantics, value-based argumentation for tree-like value graphs, grounded semantics as persuasion dialogue, and argument-based reinforcement learning for RoboCup Keepaway.
According to Davies, musical expressiveness does not reside in its expressing any particular agent's emotions, be that the composer, performer, listener, or a hypothetical musical persona the listener imaginatively projects into music.
So, the second group of features that influence visualization and expressiveness of Lithuanian diphthongs includes its location in the word and its neighbours.
Detail in Contemporary Concrete (Laurence King Publishing) and Concrete Architecture and Design (Braun), meanwhile, offer whirlwind tours of concrete in all its expressiveness and subtlety.--I.V.
It combines the expressiveness of Maryam al Mousa's artworks, modernity of Munira al Meer's ceramics and paintings, Wadha al Sulaiti's contemporary interpretation of traditional forms and Suad al Salem's building of shapes.