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He roared out scoundrels and villains by the dozen, clenched his fist and shook it expressively at the object of his indignation; but Mr.
But to resume my story; I turned towards my grandfather, as though to question him as to the cause of his emotion; he looked expressively at the newspaper I had been reading.
He waved his hand expressively. "You can believe me or not, jest as you like.
This would seem expressively ordained by Providence to prevent the overstocking of the islands with a race too indolent to cultivate the ground, and who, for that reason alone, would, by any considerable increase in their numbers, be exposed to the most deplorable misery.
Benjamin had evidently been anticipating the seizure of his money, for he had made frequent demands on the favorite cask at the “Bold Dragoon,” during the afternoon and evening, and was now in that state which by marine imagery is called “half-seas-over.” It was no easy thing to destroy the balance of the old tar by the effects of liquor, for, as he expressed it himself, “he was too low-rigged not to carry sail in all weathers;” but he was precisely in that condition which is so expressively termed “muddy.” When he perceived who the visitors were, he retreated to the side of the room where his pallet lay, and, regardless of the presence of his young mistress, seated himself on it with an air of great sobriety, placing his back firmly against the wall.
But you had better keep it to yourself, my lord; strictly to yourself.' Ralph pointed to the adjoining room as he spoke, and nodded expressively.
Fyne had only smiled at me very expressively, very self- confidently.
The anthem is a story of Coca-Cola's attempt to discover extremism in Pakistan and eventual realization that the nation is indeed one full of extremists who are extreme in their celebrations, in their hope for a better future, in celebrating their culture, in their hospitality and most expressively in their love for the game of cricket.
They address speech sounds and how to use them more expressively; creating images with language; other things to do to ensure that the language makes sense, such as understanding specific words, punctuation, and themes; how rhythm is created and used in verse and prose; making an argument; and putting it all together to deliver an effective performance.
While expressively slower than the growth rate seen in China, Fitch anticipates U.S.
The horn and piano part fit together logically with ample opportunity for the performers to communicate expressively. Wallace Easter, Virginia Tech
The crowd chanted along and echoed 'Great' (Hebat), as Najib expressively chanted 'Barisan Nasional - Rakyat - Negaraku - Malaysia.'
Qualified teacher of this technique Liana Thrassou will explain how it empowers performers to become aware of the physical habits that impede performance and to transform those habits, thus improving breathing coordination, vocal production and concentration, managing stage fright and freeing up spontaneity to perform more freely and expressively while putting less stress and strain on their bodies.
We love these performances because they always get the very best out of us - they help us to be confident, communicating fluently and expressively in front of an audience.
HA[yen]kan is so expressively drawn that his bouts of loneliness, heartache, and shame vibrate off the page.