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As his paintings often portrayed people in a caricature kind of way--very loose and personality-driven interpretations of those he painted in street and crowd scenes--his own somewhat loner lifestyle now could beconsidered as the prototypical embodiment of an artist consumed by his work, living not so much obsessed about or controlled by his surroundings, ied, limiting his ability to paint large canvases in his signature, figuratively expressive style that rendered vivid characters, landmarks, and grand events, such as the Easter Parade, Times Square, and the V-J Day parade.
Known for Brooke's tense and expressive style and Adam's electric guitar and backing vocals, they have already received praise from the likes of journalist, DJ and BBC 6 Music's Mary Anne Hobbs, The Observer and BBC Radio Scotland.
An aggressive-looking front bumper and grille and side character lines give it a more expressive style.
com)-- The recently launched Stalice stemware decor company debuted its hot new line of one of a kind designs that takes serving wine and cocktails to a new level of chic expressive style, making it the "must have" accessory.
Schrauwen ironically overdetermines the connection between interior and exterior to make a more important point: the expressive style that emerges from each persons pen is more personal than physical appearance.
The Sierra Elevation Edition is all about expressive style and technology, said Duncan Aldred, vice president of GMC Sales and Marketing.
Another discussion he pursues is about the particular styles of grieving men may use, from the intuitive or emotionally expressive style at one end of the spectrum to the instrumental, or cognitive, problem-solving style at the other end.
Thirty works of art achieved in an expressive style brimful of spontaneity and beauty gave voice to a number of kids allowing them to articulate whatever simple dreams or great expectations they have.
The second volume contains pieces written a decade or so later, but of the same expressive style.
Watching the students grow as visual artists using this spontaneous expressive style was fulfilling and wonderful.
Their fun loving attitude and expressive style of football got the best out of several players, including the likes of Dave Bennett and Cyrille Regis, and lifted the entire city of Coventry.
In a 20-minute address that at times resembled a motivational speech thanks to his expressive style, the executive cited a statement by the U.
Express But there's no doubt he has a passion for the tactical side of the game - and Hamilton's open, expressive style is one of the elements that convinced him to stay.
She played, sang, and composed at court in Bayreuth and then at Esterhazy, and whs influenced strongly by Franz Joseph Haydn and also, arguably, by the emotional and expressive style of Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach.
The lead character, Ramona, is said to have an expressive style which fits into Tide's recently launched advertising campaign: "Style Is An Option, Clean Is Not.