expressive aphasia

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aphasia in which expression by speech or writing is severely impaired

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As an example, the context unit "Expressive aphasia" can lead to the presence of an "Impaired communication", with communication being the normal function affected by the lesion (expressive aphasia) and compromises the ability of the person to communicate.
Over the next few days he gradually became drowsier and confused with worsening of his expressive aphasia and development of cerebellar dysfunction on exam.
At the most recent admission, she experienced 1-day history of reversible expressive aphasia, photophobia, and headache, followed by mild but persistent left hemiparesis.
Individuals with expressive aphasia are typically able to understand what is being communicated to them, but have difficulty or are unable to respond either verbally or in writing.
To disentangle the possible effects of imageability and GC in both receptive and expressive aphasia, a synonym judgement task (SJT) has been developed.
Preservation of ability to sing in the presence of severe expressive aphasia has been known for a long time.
A language barrier (or a hearing deficit or expressive aphasia, as other examples) should not be an obstacle to cornmunication if interventions which overcome it are available and acceptable to the resident.
Plus, we hear from Sarah who at 18, suffered a stroke and has been left with expressive aphasia which makes communication difficult for her.
Plus, we hear from Sarah who, at 18, suffered a stroke and has been left with expressive aphasia which makes communication difficult for her.
I read an interesting case report entitled, "Expressive aphasia: An isolated and reversible copmlication of cerebral malaria in a child" published in June 2012 issue of our esteemed journal (J Vector Borne Dis 49(2); p.
Five months later, he had an episode of confusion with receptive and expressive aphasia, lasting a few minutes, but no associated seizure.
Pronounced neurological manifestations of his present illness included confusion, expressive aphasia, and impaired coordination.
Her rehabilitation has been complicated by a massive left-sided stroke which left her completely paralyzed on the right with profound expressive aphasia. Her swallowing was effected and a nasogastric tube had to be put into place.
He had previously suffered a stroke and had some expressive aphasia, but was able to communicate his condition to his daughter, who relayed the information to the emergency room receptionist.