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The earliest paintings from the 1960s include a pop-art influenced painting of a fashion model, Chaos and Model I, and another called Refugees I from 1960, an expressionistic image of two skinny, elongated bodies, and faces of misery.
His photographs and masterful expressionistic videos were for me as poignant and as important as the music and the bands and artists he worked with.
Adventuresome docu "Blinding" pairs oral histories from three Toronto residents who've experienced extreme shifts in perception--one resulting in literal blindness, others figurative due to harsh police and military experiences--with expressionistic visuals beautifully hand-colored on hand-processed 16mm.
Following are six more detailed essays further examining Scholder and the movement he spearheaded that brought about a new kind of Indian art--searching, expressionistic, fully in tune with contemporary issues and contemporary art.
In its symphonic undertones, Expressionistic underpinnings and complex symbols, it suggests a story woven many of many ideas that reveal the theme: one's number one priority to please the self.
Abu Zeina, who participated with two paintings depicting women's deep internal state in an abstract expressionistic style, shared the prize with another artist from Saudi Arabia, two from Kuwait and one from Egypt.
Indeed, on one level Ziolkowski's work seems like a wide-ranging parodic reprise of modernist ideas, as the paintings' surrealistic figuration and expressionistic energy indicate.
The Pennine landscape is his chief inspiration and the works could be described as at once impressionistic and expressionistic.
I employ subtle hues of expressionistic color that are often deeper and brighter than those found in nature, which results in vibrant works that rival nature's eye-catching scenes.
Adding Machine was eight discrete scenes, and each of the scenes in Rice are long, expressionistic variations on a single gesture," notes Schmidt, who caught those gestures through a brilliant score that moved deftly from early modernism to Tin Pan Alley ballads.
Will these art pieces find their way into an exhibition, film, book, or some other expressionistic affair?
In his unique Expressionistic Realist style, Delanty expertly conveys the inner significance of his landscape subjects.
But there was no mistaking the bittersweet flavour of a Mahler adagio in Zhao Jiping's Tracing Our Roots with the Old Pagoda Tree, nor the mildly dissonant expressionistic episode in A Thousand Brushstrokes by Law Wing-fai.
One can interpret it as expressionistic and optimistic, a journey into light, ending in sweet and everlasting repose; or it can be seen as pessimistic, a view of degeneration, death, and decay.