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capable of being expressed

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The key idea which motivates this work is the observation of [BCFF99] that quantum multiplication should be expressible in terms of multiplication of Schur polynomials in k variables.
Water absorption is beneficial in baked products (bread) as it enhances expressible juice or cooking loss [10].
What you inescapably realise is that we are all connected, all mortal, all momentarily involved with each other in this briefly conscious form and all part of an eternal reality beyond our expressible comprehension.
As I argued in the introduction, this puts into peril philosophy itself, at least a form of philosophy that has any expressible meaning pertinent to the lives of human beings (including that realm of life called education).
The condition (2) ensures that there would not be a code word which is expressible as sum or difference of two vectors, each of which is a 2-repeated low-density burst of length b(fixed) with weight w or less.
Buddhists call this matrix the expressible content of enlightenment and their scientific collaboration is helping us understand our role in its creation or demise.
Louis, here, is pointing to the different kinds of truth expressible by the writer setting the emotional integrity of the contingent, subjectively perceived word against the considered objectivity of the retrospective, synthesizing, construction of reality.
Knowledge and truth are premised on the notion that all that is visible is expressible, and that things are visible because they are expressible.
There is no main, well defined interest group with homogeneous interests and with easily expressible objectives (via a measure of performance) which can be transferred to the organisation in order to weigh up decisions.
The tool supports the subset of UML and OCL that is directly expressible in Alloy.
No", Hardy recalled Ramanujan as replying, "it is a very interesting number; it is the smallest number expressible as the sum of two cubes in two different ways.
To repeat our main point: As Turkey becomes more democratic and pluralistic, different identities, including the religious one, become more visible and expressible.
The coherence of the composition is a certain form of rationality, expressible as a set of mutually cohering propositions-in short, reflected in a structure of ideas.
Frequently, the charge against subjectivism in liturgy regards its failure to be rendered publically expressible.
Graph properties expressible in monadic second order logic are recognizable in polynomial time for graphs with bounded treewidth [8, 9, 10].