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Synonyms for expressed

communicated in words

precisely and clearly expressed or readily observable

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The content believed may or may not be expressed in words.
The content expressed in words is best represented by the words "the existence of this," since these words do not involve tense, which belongs to the belief-feeling, not to the content.
18 expressed regret only for the consequences of New Westminster's decision, and linked those consequences to the attitudes of others, whose lack of understanding led them to be "dismayed" by his diocese's action.
Following concepts expressed by Stanislawski in An Actor Prepares (1936), the student is asked to elaborate the scenario in increasing detail.
Accordingly, women who recognized and expressed anger constructively were claiming the right to be citizens.
Human values are expressed through gesture and body language, and Weimer is masterful at finding that moment in light, time and space that conveys human response as symbols of the values we share.
For example, length is expressed in nanometer (nm) rather than in meter (m); this is a simple change in scale.
In addition to expressing their opinion on how they perceived the acceptance of the program by stakeholders, school counselors expressed an above-average level of satisfaction with the degree of actual support and cooperation they received for the program.
A major finding consistent among all focus groups was a strong negative response to the term "nursing home." Focus group participants repeatedly expressed their goal of keeping their loved one out of a nursing home.