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mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system


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As a mark of its continuing efforts towards providing service and the promotion of innovation, EPG has also won two globally prestigious awards -- the 'International Express Mail Services Performance Award' (Bronze Certification) and the 'International Express Mail Services Customer Service Award' during the recently concluded General Assembly held at the UPU headquarters in Switzerland.
Abdulla Mohammed Alashram, acting CEO, EPG, said, "EPG's inclusion in these prestigious lists of international express mail services providers is a testament to our commitment to play a key role in the UAE's efforts to reinforce the country's world ranking and reputation.
Al-Ghazali explained that the Distribution Department has many functions and responsibilities that include supervising the distribution of incoming mail from the central post office and the express mail department to the distribution centre and post offices.
For international destinations, PhilPost has partnered with Universal Postal Union and entered into 45 bilateral agreements with 45 countries for the reciprocal exchange of express mail service items, Luis Carleen of PhilPost marketing and management support said.
A 34-year-old American has been cleared by the Court of First Instance of the charge of trying to smuggle cocaine in an express mail package through the airport.
Express Mail, Priority Mail, First-Class or Standard Mail rate.
Supply of self sealing plastic envelopes for the Express Mail. Ref.
It offers normal and express mail delivery, parcel and banking services.
Summary: Customs officials at the Rafik Hariri International Airport thwarted an attempt to export over 4 kilograms of cocaine through express mail to Australia.
Effective Oct 1, the ambit of 'Express Mail Service' will be expanded to and from Vietnam under a memorandum of understanding reached between the two countries.
The delivery of a 5-kg parcel will cost EUR 42.50 (USD 58.22) compared with EUR 100.91 for delivery via Express Mail Service (EMS).
PTS Scanners, in conjunction with the USPS, offer customers the ability to view status of the following USPS mail and services: insured, registered, certified, express mail and delivery confirmation.
"Express mail track and trace system which was available at 11 stations have been extended to 3 new stations" he said.
Which two US businessmen in 1852 set up the first express mail and carrier service to the newly developed West?
The meeting, he added, would also deal with a number of mail-related issues mainly the International Express Mail Service convention, the draft agreement of the electronic money orders and preparations underway to hold the Third Arab Stamp Exhibition.