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mail that is distributed by a rapid and efficient system


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Al-Ghazali explained that the Distribution Department has many functions and responsibilities that include supervising the distribution of incoming mail from the central post office and the express mail department to the distribution centre and post offices.
com user that did a recent cost analysis of the system, including staff time, copy reproduction and Express Mail costs, found significant savings from its use.
The new release enables users to search for and look at messages - as either text files or Outlook Express mail - within the backup without restoring the mail folders.
The lightweight spindle, weighing in at 34 lb (15 kg), can be switched in less than five minutes and can be shipped via express mail for service.
Express mail address is: Commander, Southern Division, Naval Facilities Engineering Command, 2155 Eagle Drive, North Charleston, SC 29406.
Meanwhile, Consignia yesterday announced a ground-breaking agreement with the United States Postal Service for the delivery of US air parcels and express mail items to destinations across Europe.
Post offices will temporarily stop accepting letters and packages to be sent by airmail, surface air lifted (SAL) and express mail services (EMS), and will return and refund senders for those already received and paid for, the agency said.
Omni-directional presentation scanners for fast, accurate bar code scanning of postal products, services forms such as express mail and delivery confirmation, and hard to move bulky or heavy products.
You can print digital stamps--for first class, priority, express mail and parcel post--from your computer directly on to your envelope or package.
Customers who are wired but want to write someone who isn't can email their missive to the post office where postal workers print it out, put it in an envelope, and deliver it with the regular express mail, which goes out twice daily via motorcycle or van.
It is good to see RanHouse not only pushing the envelope, but marking it Express Mail.
KRM sent the directions for tying into the conference and a copy of the presenter's handout by express mail.
Deutsche Post AG, the German state-owned postal services group, has carried out its plan to raise its stake in express mail service DHL to 25.
The officials said the lost mail -- 108 pieces of express mail and 33 registered mail -- were contained in three of the 123 mail pouches that were shipped on the flight.
Private express mail services that have recipients sign for their packages with an electronic "pen" on a notebook computer are using workflow technology.