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A trained musician and conductor, he found that singing in a chorus offered him a way to foster community and express joy in being Jewish.
And the way to do that is to express joy, kindness, appreciation and love for one another.
The political opposition also erred when it allowed its youths in the squares to express joy at the crime.
Meanwhile in Pilibhit (Uttar Pradesh), Gandhi's constituency, locals and supporters had staged a highly charged wedding procession to express joy and convey their wishes to the couple.
Teams of inspectors will tour baby-minding establishments checking if the little tots can "express joy, sadness, frustration and fear", can develop strategies to cope with "new challenging or stressful situations" or demonstrate "obvious pleasure in movement".
Maybe the reason some of us are reluctant to laugh or express joy in church is because we haven't directly experienced the absolute pleasure of God's healing power in our lives.
A white strip of cotton will symbolise loss, yellow will signify absence and green will express joy.
Starr, 62, said: "I was happy to do it, because it was a great way to express joy and loss and it was the best way I could do it - with a song.
Palestinian TV frequently broadcasts interviews with parents who express joy that their children became Shahids, meaning they Died for Allah in confrontations with Israelis.
Was it an idea the girls had picked up from the NFL -- do something suggestive when you want to express joy?
Talk to the children you love about new ways to express joy in church.