exposure meter

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photographic equipment that measures the intensity of light

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These include a false-color exposure meter, 2x digital zoom for fine focus, safe-zone markers, compression quality, and SMPTE timecode.
When I started on The Birmingham Evening Mail, my eyes lit up when the picture editor handed me two Pentax Spotmatic cameras - these were the deluxe ones with an exposure meter fitted to the top of them.
He developed a `zone system,' which divided the gradations of light into 10 zones, from black to white, allowing the photographer, with the help of an exposure meter, to correlate areas of different luminosity in the subject with the approximate value of gray in the final print.
Built-in clip view and management functions, a spot exposure meter, and JVC's patented Focus Assist round out the GY-HM700's many on-board features.
Verification Of Measuring Instruments: Exposure Meter ?
Shutter winding and Rew ind Knob Shutter Curtain Damage Left side cloth change Shutter winding and Fungus Shutter winding and Rewind Knob ASA setting not adjusting Rewind Knob Shutter Speed& exposure Meter not working Properly Shutter winding not working Shutter winding not working
5 to 25 ml - 1 21 exposure meter - 1 22 Analytical scales, weighing 0.