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Synonyms for expostulation

the act of expressing strong or reasoned opposition

Synonyms for expostulation

the act of expressing earnest opposition or protest

an exclamation of protest or remonstrance or reproof

References in classic literature ?
Compressed into it is a whole Alexandrian library of thought, feeling, and sentiment--all that can, all that need be urged, in the form of expostulation, entreaty, rebuke, against that crime of crimes,--making man the prop- erty of his fellow-man!
Again I collected my energies for a final attempt at expostulation.
At length, by dint of much wriggling, and loud and incessant expostulations upon the unbecomingness of his hugging a fellow male in that matrimonial sort of style,
I told the emperor "that my good fortune had thrown this boat in my way, to carry me to some place whence I might return into my native country; and begged his majesty's orders for getting materials to fit it up, together with his license to depart;" which, after some kind expostulations, he was pleased to grant.
One strong proof of my wretchedly defective nature is, that even her expostulations, so mild, so rational, have not influence to cure me of my faults; and even her praise, though I value it most highly, cannot stimulate me to continued care and foresight."
It was in vain that Cedric expostulated with his guards, who had too many good reasons for their silence to be induced to break it either by his wrath or his expostulations. They continued to hurry him along, travelling at a very rapid rate, until, at the end of an avenue of huge trees, arose Torquilstone, now the hoary and ancient castle of Reginald Front-de-B uf.
Hunt endeavored by arguments, expostulations, and entreaties, to shake the determination of the two brothers.
Sometimes the old model who kept the school ventured to remonstrate with him, but his expostulations quickly gave way before the violent insolence of the painter to abject apologies.
After a few more expostulations, the conversation drifted into other channels, but the prince, who had been an attentive listener, thought all this excitement about so small a matter very curious.
In the Expostulation to Station Five, for me one of the Devotions' most heart-wrenching contemplations, Donne dwells in the utterly human state of his painful solitude.
Make no parley--stop for no expostulation; Mind not the timid--mind not the weeper or prayer; Mind not the old man beseeching the young man; Let not the child's voice be heard, nor the mother's entreaties.
That verse expostulation forms both an incantation, through which some "higher power" speaks, and a hollow cry that concedes the superstitious falsity of such a desire.
Never once in those 12 years this model Husband and livingrnfather cared to inquire what has happened to Sita whether she was alive orrndead, ...Sita preferred to die rather than return to Ram who had behaved nornbetter than a brute." The signals to the Dalits in Hindutva culturalrnNationalism are more than glaringly obvious as the Lord demonstrates in his ownrnlife, "...he was a Shudra named Shambuk who was practicing Tapasya with arnview to going to heaven in his own earthly person and without so much as arnwarning, expostulation or the like addressed to him, cut off hisrnhead..."(From Riddles of Rama and Krishna).
"Persuasion" signifies both an intersubjective act, performed by one mind upon another--"influencing by expostulation," or "attempting the passions," according to Samuel Johnson--and an intrasubjective state, otherwise known as "opinion" or belief.
The Blessed Virgin's Expostulation is an extended song that suggests sacred opera, depicting the Virgin Mary's torment when the 12-year-old Jesus is inadvertently left behind in Jerusalem.