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Synonyms for exportation

commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country


the commercial activity of selling and shipping goods to a foreign country

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Cette croissance s'explique par un accroissement de la valeur des exportations alimentaires (+109,2%) et une regression des importations de 1,8%, ayant genere un excedent de la balance commerciale alimentaire de 268,3 millions de dinars (MD) contre un deficit de 295,2 MD, durant les deux premiers mois de 2017.
In order to promote the food exportation to Africa, we have to take advantage of the available easy navigation routes, and to try eliminating theexisting challenges facing the sector," Rezika added.
He called for implementing quality standards for exportation companies to serve as guidelines to help these companies develop their activities.
These difficulties have notably to do with issues pertaining to authorisation, relations between producers (farming) and manufacturers (industrialists) with ITCs, ICTs' weak representativeness within inter-professional groupings, financing and payment modes in currency, technical control of merchandises, customs procedures and ITCs' low contribution in national exportations.
Le partenariat en question, connu sous le nom de Northwest-Midwest Alliance (NMA), est la forme qu'a prise un projet d'expansion du commerce et des exportations dirige par le Reseau de development du Nord-Ouest ontarien, a Thunder Bay.
However, it is not always clear when the sale for exportation to the United States actually takes place.
Les exportations marocaines se caracterisent par une concentration importante des produits et des marches, sachant que seulement 11% des marches (20 pays) et 2,9% des produits couvrent 80% de la valeur globale des exportations en 2012, selon un nouveau rapport de la Direction des etudes et des previsions financieres (DEPF), relevant du ministere de l'Economie et des finances.
L'Oxford Business Group met en avant la strategie marocaine favorable aux exportations
Summary: -"Guaranteeing foreign investment and insurance of letters of credit " was the theme of the workshop organised on February 3-4 in Tunis as part of boosting the insurance system against the risks of exportations for the Tunisian enterprises.
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Microwave Oven Enterprises in the current month
NNA - Caretaker Agriculture Minister, Hussein Hajj Hassan, said his ministry is always working on protecting the national product, assuring that the exportation course intensity has decreased due to the Syrian crisis but has never stopped and the Transportation Ministry is not at all neglecting its duties in this concern.
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Electric Rice Cookers Enterprises in the current month.
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Electromagnetic ovens Enterprises in the current month
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Toasters Enterprises in the current month
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese water heaters Enterprises in the current month