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Synonyms for exportation

commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country


the commercial activity of selling and shipping goods to a foreign country

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Kaissi confirmed that the Directorate would, in light of the given facts, execute the needed studies, as requested by Minister Nahhas, to ease exportation operations of the Lebanese products in general.
The objective is to develop this sector's buoyant niches, which benefit from several incentives instituted by the State in matters of investment, production and exportation.
Our exportations are not endangered since maritime transportation is working fine, similar to all concerned administrations," he remarked.
Hajj Hassan is scheduled to chair a meeting tomorrow to tackle apples' exportation issue, in presence of the Energy and Water Resources Minister, Gebran Bassil.
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Microwave Oven Enterprises in the current month
The meeting underscored the importance of livestock sector in boosting the national economy and achieved a number of recommendations, top of them are unification of the policies and procedure of exports, providing accurate statistics on numbers of the locally consumed livestock and the available for exportation, beside encouraging the traditional producers toward enhancing the pattern of livestock production and encouraging investment at the field of production and exportation.
Otri, chairing the Exportation Higher Council on Monday, referred to the measures taken by the government to support exportation and encourage exporters.
The order represents the first exportation of the flu vaccine to Macedonia from China.
The gathering is aimed to brief on results of the exportation strategy carried out by the Trade and Tourism Ministry and the International Trade Centre (ITC) to ratify implementation of the recommendations and priority actions, set up a follow-up committee and co-ordination for putting into effect the strategy and defining the next stage.
He also addressed the countries of the European Union to open the market for Lebanese products in order to boost the exportation course.
Al-Rachid a passe en revue les efforts demure jouer par la Banque de developpement des exportations dans les domaines de soutien des exportations non petrolieres et sa contribution au financement de l'infrastructure pour l'exportation dans les zones de production, en plus de securiser l'elevage et la fourniture d'assistance technique aux exportateurs.
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Toasters Enterprises in the current month
L'installation de deux consortiums dedies a l'exportation, le renforcement des capacites de l'Algex, ainsi que l'organisation prochainement des assises nationales sur les exportations sont autant d'evenements presageant la volonte de l'Etat de booster les exportations hors hydrocarbures.
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Electromagnetic ovens Enterprises in the current month
Chapter 1 Analysis of Exportation of Chinese Electric Rice Cookers Enterprises in the current month.