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Synonyms for export

sell abroad


foreign trade


Synonyms for export

commodities (goods or services) sold to a foreign country

sell or transfer abroad

transfer (electronic data) out of a database or document in a format that can be used by other programs

cause to spread in another part of the world

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Businesses operating from free zones in Dubai drive a full 40 per cent of the emirate's export market as the importance of the economic clusters continues to grow.
When it comes to gathering export information on behalf of American small businesses, there is no better governmental resource than our very own U.
Note: the ETI regime does not call for a scale-back of export tax benefits for military property as did its predecessors--the foreign sale corporation regime and the IC-DISC regime.
Solimao Henken, Benfatto Furniture's export manager, sees a more unified Mercosul furniture industry as a good opportunity.
In the next decade, Chinese manufacturers are unlikely to overcome competition from South Korean and Japanese manufacturers, who are well established in overseas export markets.
Prompting the need for such rides are the illegal exports of commingled waste.
It brings in export dollars, it helps our trade balance, it creates and keeps jobs in the U.
Transshipment Country Export Control Initiative seeks to channel existing and new export control resources toward curtailing the illegal diversion of products that can occur at the major transshipment hubs.
What is impressive is the energy and endurance with which Export, the lady with the garter tattoo, treats her themes always in new ways.
3) Do conduct an assessment of your firm's export readiness and needs, including management commitment, staffing, finances, production and shipping capacity, foreign market knowledge, etc.
The answer centers largely on declining export demand.
Turns out what the Indians wanted from Johnson--poised, as they were that week, on the verge of war with Pakistan--was some advice on arms importing and production licensing now that some pesky arms export controls had been lifted by the Bush administration.
info-tech industry on export markets from South Korea to Argentina, contributing in no small way to this country's recent unbridled economic growth.
businesses took for ways to increase business outside the United States, export credit insurance is gaining popularity.