exponential decay

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a decrease that follows an exponential function

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The flagship bore down upon us, and as she swung gracefully to and touched our side a dozen officers sprang upon our decks.
Dejah Thoris went aboard the flagship, and was much put out that I would not follow, but, as I explained to her, the battle was but partly won; we still had the land forces of the besieging Zodangans to account for, and I would not leave Tars Tarkas until that had been accomplished.
Upon the quarter-deck of the flagship, sheltered by a canopy of velvet and ermine, which was suspended by stout supports, Henrietta, the queen dowager, and the young princess -- with the admiral, the Duke of Norfolk -- standing beside them -- watched with alarm this slender bark, at one moment tossed to the heavens, and the next buried beneath the waves, and against whose dark sail the noble figures of the two French gentlemen stood forth in relief like two luminous apparitions.
Summoning Carthoris, Tars Tarkas, and Xodar, we entered the small flier with Kantos Kan and Zat Arras' officer, and in a moment were stepping to the deck of Zat Arras' flagship.
Fifteen minutes later we received orders from the flagship to proceed toward Helium.
I suppose that we shall have a woman hoisting her pennant on the flagship presently, and taking command of the Channel Squadron.
Preferably have both Square wave and exponential decay wave functions for better tion rate and flexibility of use.
A modified one-compartment exponential decay model with adjustment for background exposures adequately describes the relationship between PFOA intake and serum concentrations in adults (Olsen et al.
No significant deviations from exponential decay are observed in Cassini spacecraft power production due to the decay of [sup.
A single exponential decay function is fit to the extinction data to describe the oxidation process and the half-life of the decay is used as a measure of the oxidation rate.
According to (13), the PSWF eigenvalues have more than exponential decay.
When the dynamic processes and control constraints are not considered, an exponential decay curve, which takes time as the independent variable, is used to describe S:
Zhong, "T-S fuzzy model-based impulsive control of chaotic systems with exponential decay rate," Physics Letters, Section A: General, Atomic and Solid State Physics, vol.
Irmscher and Racke [5] obtained explicit sharp exponential decay rates for solutions of the system of classical thermoelasticity as well as for that of thermoelasticity with second sound in one dimension and compared the results of both models with respect to the asymptotic behavior of solutions.
The exponential decay of the oscillation observed prior to the appearance of the developed charge indicates that the charges are uniformly distributed over the specimen, allowing us to put [nabla]([nabla] x v) = 0 on the right-hand side of Eq.