exponential decay

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a decrease that follows an exponential function

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v] values and values from the fitted exponential decay models were plotted over time for each distance from CWD (Fig.
0], initial weight; m, the slope of growth curve at the initial specific growth rate; D, the rate of exponential decay of the initial specific growth rate m, which measures rate of growth decline.
A time unit less than one year may show a pattern of exponential decay.
com), we derived the k values from the one-phase exponential decay equation across the maximizer and satisficer groups.
50] (point of 50% mortality) with temperature were described with an exponential decay model with an [R.
The curves obtained were fitted using a logarithmic relationship that can be rearranged to form an exponential decay relationship between the strain and the degradation time.
The researchers observed an exponential decay in Newtonian viscosity, which was caused by both homogenization pressure and the number of homogenization steps used.
This study attempts to modify Bellalah's ROM as to incorporate factors like exponential decay (9 ) and Poisson event ([xi]) into consideration.
The teacher and his students used a light sensor to study the exponential decay of the light intensity as the internal capacitor discharged.
The second curve is the exponential decay curve where Y declines to zero from an initial value and represents the way in which quantities often decay or decline with time.
The finite element mesh was generated in compliance with the exponential decay of current density from the surface of components toward the rotational axis.
Let us understand the exponential decay model (1) for the concentration of a drug in a patient's bloodstream.
The exponential-lognormal model shows exponential decay with no clustering.