exponential decay

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a decrease that follows an exponential function

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These values are substantially higher than estimates from the traditional exponential decay formula, which ignores the background contribution (7.
Fitting exponential decay functions to the extinction curves and extracting their half-lives gives a measure of the oxidation rates.
0], k is exponential decay coefficient, and k > 1 means that, with the change of time, the excess velocity is reduced as nonlinear.
In general, this is not true, where it was shown by Fernandez Sare and Racke [4] that, for a Timoshenko system, the coupling via Cattaneo's law causes loss of the exponential decay usually obtained in the case of coupling via Fourier's law [14].
The experiment measured the exponential decay of toluene using the biowall in the test chamber.
v] values and values from the fitted exponential decay models were plotted over time for each distance from CWD (Fig.
t] is the weight at time, t, m is the slope of growth curve when t = 0 or the initial specific growth rate, and D is the rate of exponential decay of the initial specific growth rate m, which measures rate of growth decline.
The decay rate, r, can be verified by using the data on photon emissions to estimate the exponential decay equation A[e.
If your car breaks down in a snowstorm, the heat in the vehicle exhibits exponential decay.
Datasets were zero filled, phase corrected and the magnitude of the data was applied before fitting each individual peak to a single exponential decay function in Topspin (Bruker, Billerca, MA).
From experience, and by solving the differential equation, we know that such systems show exponential decay, N(t) = [N.
Understanding radioactive waste involves the scientific concept of a half-life and exponential decay functions.
The top curve (1) is the exponential decay from a film prepared from the Phe-PBMA latex only; the curve below (2) shows the small degree of curvature associated with a freshly prepared film obtained from a 1:1 mixture of the donor- and acceptor-labeled latex; the next curve (3) corresponds to the same film after it was annealed for 60 min at 90[degrees]C; and the bottom curve (4) was obtained for a solvent-cast film, representing full mixing of the donor- and acceptor-labeled polymer.
The estimated value of the cluster exponential decay factor [GAMMA] was 71.