explosive trace detection

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a system for screening luggage in airports


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European and US officials told Reuters that airlines have until July 19, to put in place increased explosive trace detection screening and other measures and 120 days to comply with other security measures, including enhanced screening of airline passengers.
NASDAQ: OSIS) has closed the acquisition of a Massachusetts, US-based global explosive trace detection business (ETD) from Smiths Group plc (LSE: SMIN), to expand security product offerings in aviation checkpoints, the company said.
A lightweight and low-cost handheld explosive trace detection solution, Detectra HX is capable of rapid and accurate detection which could be a boon for law enforcement, events and border protection professionals, said a statement.
Detectra HX is a lightweight and low-cost handheld, explosive trace detection solution that features rapid and accurate detection, to ensure the high throughput and the high detection capabilities essential for law enforcement, event and border protection professionals, said a statement.
We are especially pleased to have our next-generation Itemiser DX explosive trace detection system chosen by TSA for use at airport checkpoints across the country," said Dennis Cooke, President and CEO, Morpho Detection.
Much of this equipment is geared at finding explosives in baggage, and includes advanced X-ray devices and Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) machines.
Mandated to screen all checked baggage by using explosive detection systems at airports by December 31, 2003, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has deployed two types of screening equipment: explosive detection systems (EDS), which use computer-aided tomography X-rays to recognize explosives, and explosive trace detection (ETD) systems, which use chemical analysis to detect explosive residues.
The reasonable conclusion is that two of the key explosives detection tools used by the TSA, explosive trace detection devices and canine explosives detection teams, will not provide 100% coverage of all passenger flights.
Positioning the security business as a key field for the Hitachi Group, Hitachi is working to expand operations by concentrating management resources in fields such as cyber security, particularly encryption; security for social infrastructure systems, including explosive trace detection system; and personal authentication, with a particular focus on finger vein authentication.
RAND's National Security Research Division assessed the feasibility of using EDS machines, and whether less-expensive, explosive trace detection machines could shoulder part of the load.
Although the screening process is classified, McNeil can reveal that the federal government provides the equipment (including explosive trace detection machines and X-ray screeners) while his company screens baggage, passengers, and employees.
31, all checked baggage will be individually inspected, either by hand, wanding or swabbing with explosive trace detection wands.
It is one of three US-approved explosive trace detection vendors, along with Barringer Instruments and Thermo Detection.
100 explosive detection system machines, each about the size of a minivan, and up to 6,000 smaller explosive trace detection devices.
Horvath has previously worked as business development manager for federal accounts at AutoClear, a company specializing in the design, manufacture and support of high quality, professional security X-ray screening, narcotics and explosive trace detection and weapons/metal detection systems.
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