explosive mixture

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a mixture that is explosive

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A gas or vapor environment in which explosive mixtures are not likely to occur under normal operating conditions is classified in the United States and Canada as Class 1/Division 2 and in Europe as Class I/Zone 2.
Now put them into a larger family circle facing death and struggling for power, add author Tennessee Williams' trademark southern discomfort and you've got a potentially explosive mixture.
Expert reports concluded that the confiscated devices are explosives containing a mixture of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, a high explosive mixture classified as a type of dynamite, and capable of destroying property and lives, which can be made using materials confiscated from the warehouse.
The airflow at the time of the explosion was still nearly twice what the law required; however, when a massive inflow of gas occurs, then the higher the airflow the less the chance that an explosive mixture will be encountered.
There has been a detonation of a so far unidentified explosive mixture," police spokeswoman Andrea Zoulova said.
There has been a detonation of a so-far unidentified explosive mixture," Zoulova said.
Expert reports concluded that the packages found were explosives consisting of a mixture of nitroglycerin and nitrocellulose, which is a highly explosive mixture classified as a type of dynamite.
In other words, if at a time of great social change and in societies plagued by anti-Jewish prejudice, there emerges a "culture" and a language that uses popular beliefs and fantasies about "the Jews" to interpret and explain various social problems and conflicts, and if solutions to the problems are also sought in this language, then the different manifestations of antisemitism may indeed form an explosive mixture.
Altman said: "It was Naseer's knowledge of chemistry, together with his training as a terrorist in Pakistan, that allowed the defendants to experiment in preparing an explosive mixture with a view to constructing a home-made explosive device.
The substance in the pipes was made of chlorate and sugar, but experts have not determined how powerful the explosive mixture was, Redlich said.
The authorities subsequently discovered Hussein Atris, the suspect, illegally possessed a large amount of urea-based fertilizer and liquid ammonium nitrate, materials that could be used to manufacture the improvised explosive mixture urea nitrate.
Fireworks consist of an enclosure, or shell, containing an explosive mixture called black powder and marble-size pellets called stars.
Move over TNT, the Army has developed a new explosive mixture that officials say will save lives.
By being permanently anti-static, electro-static charging (separation of charged particles) cannot occur thereby eliminating any discharges that can ignite an explosive mixture of gas, vapour, mist or dust, dangerous or unpredictable behaviour caused by shock when this discharge takes place via the human body, process disruptions caused by the medium sticking to the hose wall or the malfunction of measuring devices and controllers.
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