explosive mixture

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a mixture that is explosive

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Fireworks consist of an enclosure, or shell, containing an explosive mixture called black powder and marble-size pellets called stars.
Move over TNT, the Army has developed a new explosive mixture that officials say will save lives.
Hugo Keith QC, for the inquest, said: "He spends a very significant amount of time rooting around in a rucksack containing a highly unstable, cooled explosive mixture.
By being permanently anti-static, electro-static charging (separation of charged particles) cannot occur thereby eliminating any discharges that can ignite an explosive mixture of gas, vapour, mist or dust, dangerous or unpredictable behaviour caused by shock when this discharge takes place via the human body, process disruptions caused by the medium sticking to the hose wall or the malfunction of measuring devices and controllers.
They warn that strong alcohol and high caffeine levels can be an explosive mixture.
AoAuUS President Barack Obama ,laying out the intelligence failures that allowed an alleged terrorist to ignite an explosive mixture on a commercial jetliner on Christmas Day.
The gas is highly flammable and forms an explosive mixture with air.
Flameproof apparatus is basically considered as an enclosure where strength of enclosure, gaps and length of joint should be adequate as per explosive mixture present in the atmosphere.
Thousands of demonstrators, an explosive mixture of anarchists, anti-capitalists and pacifists, had pledged to disrupt Nato's 60th anniversary summit jointly hosted by borderline cities of Strasbourg in France and Kehl and Baden-Baden in Germany.
The MEK left in the pipeline behind the pig mixed with the compressed air to form an explosive mixture.
If it were a volatile liquid and in a confined space it could evaporate into an explosive mixture
Gatland would no doubt have been suitably impressed with man-of-the-match Tom James, who was an explosive mixture of power and pace on the Blues left wing.
They tried to detonate homemade rucksack bombs, made from an explosive mixture of hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour, with triacetone triperoxide detonators, it is alleged.
The 25-year-old sparked panic on the train by allegedly trying to detonate a rucksack bomb packed with an explosive mixture of hydrogen peroxide and chapatti flour.
AN extremist Muslim plot to kill innocent commuters in a series of murderous suicide bombings only failed at the last moment because of problems with the explosive mixture, hot weather or mere "good fortune", a court heard.
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