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According to the police, information was received regarding an explosive device in an open space in the Gialia village.
Government security forces believed that the explosive device would be converted into an improvised bomb.
Police said that the bomb disposal squad was busy in defusing two explosive devices planted in as many gas cylinders, when one of them exploded, injuring 10 persons.
According to FC officials, the vehicle was returning from the town of Khost after a gun attack on a coal mine when it struck an improvised explosive device.
Police said a call had been made which said an explosive device was inside the civic centre in Ebbw Vale, pictured, at 9.30am on Thursday.
The statement further added that the militants were busy planting an Improvised Explosive Device when the incident took place.
As a law enforcement vehicle was passing by the explosive device strapped to the vehicle went off, consequently, two FC officials are also among those injured in the process.
Guwahati (Assam) [India], May 02 ( ANI ): The Basistha Police recovered an explosive device from an ultra bus carrying 40 passengers in Guwahati's Lokhra area on Tuesday.
According to investigative officials, the student admitted that he was planning to activate the explosive device within school hours in the courtyard. 
Al-Raso said that terrorist Kanjo visited their village and supplied her with an explosive device in the form of a belt and told her to put it under her cloak and to place it in one of the buses heading for Wadi al-Dahab in exchange for SYP 100,000, adding that she did what he told her and then they detonated the explosive device after she got off the bus and phoned them to confirm that she planted it, which resulted in the injuring of 6 persons who were in the bus on March 17th.
The first suspect confessed he received from the second suspect, still at large, an explosive device to be detonated on a street.
A preliminary inspection of the site indicated the individual killed himself by accident while planting the explosive device, according to the statement.
FOURTEEN men have gone on trial for allegedly detonating an explosive device that killed a policeman and injured another in Sitra.
SANA'A -- A team of military engineers on Wednesday diffused a 1.5 kg TNT explosive device planted 30 meters east of a police station in the Bab Al-Yemen area of Sana'a.
The Land Rover Discovery I with improvised explosive device was found at around 4.00 am on December 25 near the Bishkek City Police Department.The explosive device included the gas bottle, aluminum powder, ammonium saltpeter, around 30 kilos of shrapnel, which were connected in electric circuit with a mobile phone and battery KRONA.The yield of the explosive device was 7-10 kilos of TNT.