explosive device

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Media reports issued today, stated that California shooting suspects Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik left multiple pipe bombs and other explosive devices at various sites associated with their killing spree on Wednesday.
The source added that the explosive device weighs 1 kg, indicating that it was successfully dismantled and no damage was reported.
The explosive device and hoax bomb were delivered to the first suspect alongside instructions to cause a detonation through a remote control.
The statement said the explosive device was found at 8:15 a.
Security forces proceeded to comb the railway lines in contiguous areas in Beni Suef province and allegedly found three another three explosive devices on the Aswan-Cairo line.
The WBIEDROV will help the team to minimise the growing threat of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) in the US domestic maritime domain.
The team managed to dismantle an explosive device weighing 500 grams was equipped with an electric detonator ,a stopwatch ,a telephone and two 9-volt batteries with electronic cells and planted beneath a gas tank next to the dining hall at the military police, head of the experts team elaborated.
The police immediately closed off the area, barricading both sides of the highway near the site where the explosive device was found.
The men allegedly placed an explosive device between several tyres before setting them ablaze by throwing firebombs.
21, Sana'a Security Apparatus foiled an explosive device put in a school near the Presidential Compound.
Guwahati, June 17 (ANI): Railway Police in Assam averted a major disaster this morning when its personnel recovered a suspected Improvised Explosive Device (IED) during a routine checkup from the Guwahati-Kolkata Kanchanjengha Express.
The Land Rover Discovery I with improvised explosive device was found at around 4.
24, 2010, SPA -- A young man was wounded by an unidentified explosive device near the city of Nazran, Russia&'s North Caucasian republic of Ingushetia, local police told Itar-Tass.
Task Force Helmand spokesman Lieutenant Colonel David Eastman said: "The soldier was caught in an explosion whilst serving as part of the Counter-Improvised Explosive Device Task Force, engaged in vital work securing an area in Nahr-e Saraj for the protection of local Helmandis.
The government's detention memo further states that "Zazi remained committed to detonating an explosive device up until the date of his arrest, as exemplified by among other things, traveling overseas to receive bomb-making instructions, conducting extensive research on the internet regarding components of explosive devices, purchasing -- on multiple occasions -- the components necessary to produce TATP [Triacetone Triperoxide] and other explosive devices, and traveling to New York City on September 10, 2009 in furtherance of the criminal plan.