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Synonyms for exploitive

tending to exploit or make use of

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In an effort to honor women and bury the exploitive nature of the site's past, the new development will be named Las Adelitas in homage to a group of women who participated in the Mexican Revolution as soldiers, medics and spies.
I join a long list of American public personalities who have fallen victim to the evil, exploitive, sick 'humour' of the British 'comedian.'" However, according to David Nevins, Palin President and CEO of Showtime Networks Inc, it's not just about tricking famous faces.
A mere two days after issuing a video apology, a British YouTuber and self-described "pick-up artist," who has uploaded a number of exploitive videos of Taiwanese women he met on the streets of Taipei, has retracted his apology and resumed shooting videos, including footage of him tossing litter and jaywalking.
They say every cloud has a silver lining and in this case the lucky bunnies are the exploitive power companies, as they simply pass on the cost to the hapless customer - heads they win, tails we lose - like taking candy off a baby.
He said time is ripe now to ditch the exploitive tactics of these political families.
Forced to live with him as part of an exploitive scheme, Iris quickly realizes her father is far different from the man she's been schooled to hate, and everything she thought she knew, about her father and herself, is suddenly unclear.
If that is the case, isn't the law school's long-term reputation in jeopardy of being tarnished by what amounts to a misleading, exploitive marketing ploy?
Summary: When Rouhini first moved to Beirut 20 years ago to work as a house maid, she was isolated in a foreign country where circumstances for migrant workers remain extremely exploitive.
The primary purpose of the program is to educate customers and the general public about fraud and exploitive scams that target the vulnerable senior population.
Baptist ties this exploitive relationship to what he terms (somewhat loosely) capitalism.
Native American and European scholars convened at the 2012 MESEA (Society for the Multi-Ethnic Studies: Europe and America) conference in Barcelona to discuss the ways in which this has been attempted and whether they were exploitive, informative, sustaining or entertaining.
The story is often graphically brutal and realistic, but it plays an essential part in the novel and can in no way be characterized as gratuitous or exploitive.
Riba is forbidden under sharia because it is thought to be exploitive.
First, they are a creation of a 'male science' which seeks to dominate nature ratherthan remain open to it....Second, the legal grounds on which the new reproductive technologies will be implemented stand on notions of individual rights, enlightened self-interest, and contract law--all of which radical feminists see as extensions of an inherently exploitive capitalist system."