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a person who uses something or someone selfishly or unethically


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In the process of the reformation, the CICL as victims could be encouraged to be witnesses against their exploiter. It is a chance at self-redemption.
Just because the majority shares of cruel-K Electric is held by Asif Zardari's sister and almost majority of the politicians including ruling PPP in Karachi are the major supporters of these exploiters sitting on the helms of affairs of K Electric besides having full patronage from so-called regulator of power sector - the NEPRA.
Bufacchi suggests that we should attend to the exploiter's motive both because the particular badness of exploitation seems to depend on why one person is using another and because it then allows the concept to cover non-economic motives.
La deputee chilienne a appele a exploiter pleinement ces atouts pour permettre a la cooperation bilaterale d'atteindre sa vitesse de croisiere, notamment en ce qui concerne les echanges culturels et commerciaux.
In addition, the type of abuse, the place where the abuse took place, the age and gender of the exploiter were determined.
This time entire nation would contest the elections against exploiter political parties.
Establishment of this market aims for supporting exploiter's confidence in the national economy throughout construction of cooperation relations between it and the Arab, regional and international stock markets and have an investiture atmosphere for money exchange that encourage saving and participation in listing up national investiture knowledge for the citizen.
Consistent with Knott's (2002) perspective, we conceptualize explorer and exploiter as independent constructs and have developed two four-item scales to measure individual's perceptions of the knowledge strategy constructs known as exploration and exploitation.
A group, evidently Italian, calling itself Black Angels, released a toolkit it called the Cisco Global Exploiter. Users of the toolkit can easily exploit vulnerabilities including buffer overruns in software including IOS.
You're this cold-ass exploiter who brings forth not just your tired and your poor but your deviant and demented.
Les progres sur le plan technologique pourraient nous permettre de decouvrir qu'un ancien site contient toujours de la matiere a exploiter, ce qui nous permettra en fait de creer un nouveau corps mineralise plutot que d'explorer.
"Bill Gates is a capitalist exploiter," the adolescent logician said loudly and slowly for the benefit of the dim old man in the room.
As for inevitable comparisons between Fry and Oskar Schindler, Chetwynd points out that Schindler "was a war profiteer and exploiter of slave labour.
But in looking at this particular pair of sexual nincompoops, we don't really see an exploiter and his victim, or a temptress and her prey, or even two adults freely engaging in some mutually enjoyable hanky panky.