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Synonyms for exploit

take advantage of

make the best use of


Synonyms for exploit

to take advantage of unfairly

to control to one's own advantage by artful or indirect means

Synonyms for exploit

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Given that Mimecast currently serves more than 27,000 organisations and relays billions of emails monthly, if these types of exploits were being widely used it is very likely that Mimecast would see them.
Nathan Shuchami, VP of Emerging Products at Check Point commented: The dramatic resurgence of Exploit Kits in March illustrates that older threats dont disappear forever they simply go dormant and can be quickly redeployed.
A new trove of alleged surveillance tools and exploits from the National Security Agency's elite hacking team have been released by the Shadow Brokers' hacking group.
Although we've only seen a limited number attempts to exploit this vulnerability , we're strongly recommending users to update their versions of Adobe Flash Player software.
Earlier in January, Rockstar announced its intentions of eliminating all exploits and glitches from GTA Online and GTA 5.
The NSS Exploits test is one of the few that goes beyond this to judge a product's day zero protection.
According to Graham Cluley, senior technology consultant at Sophos, "details of how to exploit the security hole are now published on the web, meaning it is child's play for other hackers to take advantage and create attacks.
He does not like to get beat,'' said trainer Bob Baffert, who will be shooting for an unprecedented third straight Derby victory if Exploit - or any of Baffert's string of contenders - makes it to Churchill Downs on May 1.
It's absolutely amazing how strong players can pick up on any kind of pattern in your play and exploit it," Schaeffer says.
Music publishing companies are set up to help you exploit your song catalog and get your songs used by as many royalty sources as possible through arrangements known as co-publishing deals.
Deliberate efforts by post-Communist politicians to arouse and exploit nationalistic feelings were what actually ignited the conflagration.
Summary: Exploit packages in-the-wild became the game changer of the cyber threat landscape in Q2 2017.
13 -- A new exploit in Chrome for Android can comprise virtually any handset running the latest version of the OS.
Kaspersky Lab s security solution for corporate users, Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business, has earned the best results in the Real World Enterprise Security Exploit Prevention Test carried out by MRG Effitas between November 2013 and February 2014.
The infection starts with a compromised advertisement URL hosted on a legitimate website and ultimately lures victims to the Dotkachef exploit kit.