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clarity as a consequence of being explicit

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In order to gain a deeper insight into how the intervention mode affected the students' explicitness, an "explicit response ratio" (ERR) was calculated by dividing the number of agent-induced explicit contributions (explicit positions and explicit arguments) by the number of agent interventions.
1The encoded/inferred system of explicitness and implicitness
He pushed them perhaps too far for some with "The Devils," which shed scenes of sexual explicitness and extreme violence at the behest of first Warner Bros.
While House of Holes sometimes has as much sex per page as a Penthouse letter, it is not exactly an unputdownable thrill ride, and it has its issues, even for people not taken aback by its explicitness.
Christopher Marlowe's political thriller Edward II was the first drama to take on this story of power and corruption with such explicitness and, speaking exclusively to the Daily Post during rehearsals, Cheshire-born actress Emma Cunniffe says she is revelling in the challenge of playing Edward's queen, Isabella.
Despite its journey into a strange kind of leering, sexual explicitness, there's a fundamental honesty at the centre of Take Me Home Tonight which Attack The Block's violent nature lacks.
The authors' results indicate that even more powerful interventions than have generally been conducted are needed for at-risk children and that the mechanisms through which to achieve this are related to the type of intervener, the explicitness of instruction, and whether specific words are targeted prior to the intervention.
The criteria identified as a result of this review can be summarized as follows: (1) order of thinking, (2) articulation, (3) explicitness of the objective, (4) comprehensiveness and limitation, and (5) significance for the area.
First, the explicitness of the violence and sex increased once the rating system was instituted.
It should be possible for lawmakers to agree on language that is explicit about explicitness, so to speak, without infringing upon First Amendment protections.
For purposes of discussion, we have organized them according to benefits of (a) accessibility; (b) evaluation/assessment and communication of student progress; and (c) teaching and learning practices, which encompass a variety of instructional approaches, including, but not limited to, building proficiency, enhancing explicitness, facilitating higher-order thinking, and communicating mathematical ideas.
She enumerates 66 "keys" to opening them that work in tandem with strategies these teachers regularly use, relating to explicitness, structure, and repetition, such as using note taking strategies, textbook guides, mnemonic devices, and improving higher-order thinking skills and the quality of writing.
In spite of the explicitness of the references to drugs and sex in many of these works, there is an innocence and hopefulness that one would not find in the presentation of such subject matter today.
The degree of explicitness and/or implicitness promoted, triggered or favoured by teaching materials (through the activities designed) is no doubt one of those key issues.
According to the literature, the explicitness of the task presentation, the type of exigency and the verification of task accomplishment are particularly relevant for the accountability system to be efficient (Crouch et al.